Tuesday, February 26, 2013

short family vacay

hubs been working like crazy a lot lately. coming back at 5am. not sleeping. so I forced him to take leave and bought a voucher from Streetdeal.my for a 1 night stay at Gold Coast Morib Resort plus 2 tickets to the waterpark. it was actually my uni friend, Elyn who asked us to join them, they bought the voucher a few month back, and since the deal was still on (and still is! check it out here) I said why not. Hubs really needs some family time, and it would be fun to go with friends anyways :)

it was said that the journey to Morib from KL would only take an hour, but it was more like 2 hours for us + sesat lagi.. the kids both slept throughout the journey since both of them slept at 2 am the night before (I know! kids nowdays huh?!!) so it was a tantrum free journey for us.. :) alhamdulillah..

when we arrived, it was already 1.30 pm, checkin time was at 3pm, so we decided to have lunch and wait till we checked in and solat first before we went in the waterpark. 

the food at the cafe, are priced as a normal hotel would price their food (nothing below rm15) but the food were surprisingly good and in a huge portion, so if you decide to have lunch there, you could share a plate of mee goreng with your partner no problem :)

due to the huge crowd (even on a sunday) the checking in took longer than we expected. the system was kinda weird too, you check-in at the reception counter, but you have to collect your keys at another area, which was ridiculous coz they had to find our names manually... but well..whatever..

then we went to the waterpark and spent like 30 minutes there coz turns out my kids both not a huge fan of water or maybe waterparks, im not sure... aqil took one ride on the water slide and called it quits, alya cried the moment i put her in the water (she could have been sleepy also hence the crying) .. i convinced aqil to go in the water, but he end-up almost drowning (he slipped while he was in the water, and panicked and could not get up) it happened in a split second and lucky hubs realized, and quickly grabbed him... he cried and cried and cried and of course after that he was totally scared of going back in..

so we ended up playing - flying the kite at the beach.. 

or more like - ba was playing, 

mama and alya were looking

and aqil was posing @____@ anak sape ntah...

the next day, we tried another round at the waterpark.. but before that...

had some mother-daughter time in the jazuki 

(kerana ba and abg aqil tak bangun tdo lagi)

a buffet breakfast was included in the package deal. the food were good.. and variety.. go early tho..

alya was so bored. she slept!

he stayed far away from the pool...

friends. as you can see. aqil stayed away from the pool. did get him to change into his swimwear but no way into the pool :(

then it was time to go home..

it was his birthday that day, but since we already had cake 2 days before, so no cake for the birthday boy.. kesian.. maybe tunggu Tok Wan Zek balik eh sayang..

If your kids love the water, this is an OK place to go.. but dont go on weekends...crowded, and the place is kinda small, and there's also a private Jacuzzi in every room so you could also get some romantic time with your partner when the kids are asleep.. its a win win situation here :)

If you buy through Streetdeal.my its only rm168 for 1 night stay and 2 adult tickets valid for the 2 days stay :) thats really cheap kan? the deal is on till December 2013 so u have plenty of time to plan your trip.. :)

Aisyah Samsudin

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