Tuesday, February 26, 2013

freedom of speech?

sometimes when I'm really bored. I blog-walk. I love to read what people write about their lives. especially those with kids. it gives me ideas what to do with my kids. for the present or even for the future - thank god for pinterest since I'm so forgetful these days.

anyways, once in a while, I stumble across some negative writings/post .. like people writing about ketidakpuahatian towards a certain individual in their lives.. intentionally or not.. I frown.. I get it, its your own personal blog. some say "this is my personal space..you dont like it..butt out.."

the thing about blogging or the internet mostly is that it is public. for everyone to see and read. you want to write something bad about someone. write it in your own diary - offline! where no one can read it, no one can talk bad or make bad assumptions about the person you're talking about.. 

some also defend themselves and say something like that its not wrong and mumble the word freedom of speech.

of course, if theres any truth to the story, legally, its not wrong.

but I believe, growing up, we were taught not to intentionally hurt people's feeling, right.. and for a muslim, its sinful. intentionally writing something to hurt someone. you have issues, work it out with the other person.. if you write bad things, other people will talk, then other people will dislike the person. kira mcm menghasut jugak laa kan.. thats like double triple your sin already... 

but well, we are human. we make mistakes. a reminder to myself also.. lets all spread love and not hate, yes?

gambar tiada kene mengena dengan post. :)

Aisyah Samsudin

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