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Everyone said Bicester Village is a must

Our next itinerary after Paris was the UK Tour. Pelik eh? normally people will go for Europe tour but Mom wanted to show us the place where we grew up, where atif was born, where I went to school hence, the UK tour. It was a 5 days tour up north of the UK. We went to Oxford, Cardiff, Chester/Cheshire Oak, Manchester and Durham. but I will write it in a few posts if not I dont think there'll be enough space..

So first stop, Oxford. Oxford is just one hour drive from London. we kinda reached Oxford pretty late coz of the drama we had with the car rental (which I will write about later) so we didnt get to do nothing much that night coz all the shops closed early in winter pun.

In Oxford we stayed in a cozy BnB called the Adam Guess House. The rooms were quite small, but the breakfast was gooddd...or maybe because it was our first english breakfast during the trip, I guess I registered it in my head as SEDAPNYA. lol!

the room interior

the breakfast - come to think about it ~ biasa jer laa.. haha

after breakfast we went straight to Bicester Village coz everyone say klu pergi UK we must go to this place.. untuk ape lagi kan...shoppingg.... I would say the place is just slightly bigger from JPO, but the brands are more interesting then JPO .. there's Prada, Mulberry, Tods, Celine, Burberry, Gucci, DVF, YSL, Dior, Fendi if you're looking for some high brand.. or the normal Clarks, Pandora, Cath Kidsons, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker... ok there's no way I can list all the brands here, you can check it out youself here if you're planning to go..

The prices? Cheap! not dirt cheap like you can go buy 10 prada bags, but its like maybe 40% less than malaysia? I didnt really go to every butique and check the prices but lebih kurang laa..I saw one Prada wallet which I know retails RM1800 in Malaysia, for only 180pound.. which is like RM900 jer after convert..thank god it wasnt in the color I liked.. huh

So I know when anyone talks about shopping place..they want pictures! but coz we were so busy shopping (or more like window shopping for me) we didnt really took that many pictures..but here are the ones we took..


syiqin was mostly my babysitter for the day :)

2 floors - super packed! I guess because it was Christmas sales kan. Prices? Ok laa.. less than 100 for a shirt?

Erin also helped babysit when the momma so busy looking at things

ok here's the story of this kid at Bicester village. Aqil was passed from one to another. like if I was holding Alya, someone else would help with Aqil, and when I pass Alya to Atif or mom, Aqil would be with me, but I dont know how, at one time when he should be with me, I was so confident he was with Atif (Erin and Syiqin were in Cath Kidson) but when I met atif, Aqil was not with him... I kinda went frantic for a bit... looking for him..and guess what... mom found him sitting on a chair... ALONE!! he saw my mom and said.. " tok wan zek, mama mana?" 

OMG!! I feel like I wanted to kick myself in the butt for being so reckless.. but lesson learned... after that, thruout the trip, I always made sure who he is with before I take my eyes off him and go looking at anything....

Cath Kidsons window display

We actually planned to only spend 2 hours in Bicester because our next destination was 3 hours away and sunset was really early during winter at 4pm but how can you spend 2 hours when we wanted to go in every single shop!! we end up spending 4 hours there.. I only bought Clarks for the kids tho coz I was saving my money for the next outlet shopping in Cheshire Oak.

btw, Clarks there is pretty cheap..I got a 7pound shoes for Alya and 12pound for Aqil there...puas hati :) you have to go to Bicester if you go to London, I think you can take the train or taxi there from London :) Or just rent a car :)

till the next post.. bye!

** you can read about our Paris trip HERE

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