Monday, February 18, 2013

Cheshire Oak and Manchester City

UK/Paris trip take 3.

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after the damage we did in Bicester Village (see here) , you think we would have at least insaf a bit and put shopping on a hold for atleast a day or two. you thought wrong, the next day, we went straight to Cheshire Oak, well it was a 3-4 hours drive from Cardiff to Ellesmere Port so we did get a good rest before we started our next shopping spree.. :)

Actually we went to our hotel first - stayed in Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port (highly recommended!!) .. solat and whatnot before we went to Cheshire Oak, which was just only 5 minutes drive from the hotel.

Cheshire Oak is another Outlet paradise, where I actually prefer more than Bicester Village coz there's a lot more choices and brands in Cheshire Oak, given the place is like triple the size of Bicester Village (maybe bigger!) .. check out the brands here... I swear if it wasnt because we had another 8 days in the UK, i would have spent all my money there! we didnt get to go in every store coz of the limited time we had there, but I did manage to go to the ones that I aimed earlier, like Warehouse, Coast, L'Occatine, Clarks, Marks&Spencer, Mama&Papa, Fossil, Ted Baker apentahlagilupalaaplakkk..

the clarks store there was much more bigger and with a lot more choices, went to Warehouse and bought a top for only 10 pounds!! theres no way we could get that price in Malaysia kan.. got a few tshirts for bff Ayim, also a Ted Baker messenger bag for only 35 pounds!

1st day there, we only had 3 hours to shop.. mmg tak cukup masa...btw the place is a quarter million squarefeet!! giloss!!

the only picture of us shopping! was trying our best to go in every store (which was impossible)

both stuffed animals from Mama&Papa, i think 6 pounds each? got 2 pairs of Clarks shoes for hubs (20pounds each!), a pair each for the kids :) puas hati :)

the next day we got up really early and went to Cheshire Oak (again!).. this time we had more time :) and..

this is what happen when u have more time.... @___@

next stop was the Mark & Spencer Cheshire Oak Eco-Store . its the largest M&S in the world! like seriously! its huge!! besar LCCT kot.. 2 stories..if you're into M&S punya barang i think you'll go crazy.. plus it was having christmas sales so lagi laaa kan... I think we spent 2 hours + in the store because we still had a long journey ahead of us that day.. no pictures in the store coz we were busy going the stuff and prices!

Our next destination was Durham which was another 4 hours journey from Ellesmere Port, but we made a pit stop at ManchesterCity Stadium coz hey..dah lalu..haruslaa singgah kan.. :) it was already 1550 when we arrived, so we only managed to take a few pictures before the sun went down

Im not even an MU fan but I still went crazy buying the stuff there..  


then we had nasi arab for dinner at a place nearby, it was the most delicious nasi arab ever!!! i dont remember the name, if i could find the picture of the food I will update this post later.. till then... toodlesss~~

Aisyah Samsudin

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