Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rozi Needlework - LOVE :)

One of my daily blog reads are of course anything to do with sewing :) sometimes I could stay on the PC for half a day just going thru tutotials and looking for new patterns (cant wait to have a baby girl! Ive got tonsss of patterns in my folder!!) its addictive! mana taknya..looking at all the cute stuff they sew...omg..boleh nanges....lately I have been neglecting my sewing machine (except for that one time masa jahit the organizer) mainly because of my pregnancy..bukan pantang ke ape...but i guess malas + penat + hard to focus ... all in one .. T__T

I couldnt say that I have favourites coz honestly ALL I love to bits...  one of them are Rozi's Needlework .. I've been following her blog for some time now..and i just love how neat she sews and how cute her stuffs are...and she is kind to provide tutorial for some of her stuff... awesome kan??

and the best part is, if you dont know how to sew, you can buy her stuff, not only online, but also at bazaars!!

the latest bazaar would be this saturday (too bad i'll be in jb this weekend, klu tak confirm pergi!)

and she'll be having all these at her booth :


siapa2 area KL tu p laa usha..hehehe ~~~ I am not getting paid promoting her site tau....just that I love her work so much, cant resist to share it here :)

aisyah samsudin

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