Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Majlis Anugerah SM/SSM 2012

One thing I loveee about this business that we always get the chance to glam up! hehe.. so last Saturday was another chance for all of my business partners and I to make excuse to buy a new dress, to hire MUA and cam-whore like crazy :)

it was the day to celebrate all the my Sales Manager and Senior Sales Manager levels... tho a few tak boleh nak datang/accept the awards, we still had a blast!! :)

let the picture tell the story laa since I am losing idea what to write..lol!

with my achievers yg dapat datang... :)

Congratulations to all of you for all your hard work - sekarang mama bagi bunga jer - naik DSM Coach menanti ok!!!!!  :)

with my beloved sideline, Aida :)

gambar sume had to pinjam from org lain coz I did bring my camera but I forgot to put back the memory card after transferring some pictures...grr...so tak dapat laa amek gambar bnyk sgt :(

i also had to go back early sbb lil bro was leaving for london the next day, my auntie buat makan2 for him :) didnt have the chance nak amek gambar ngn my mentor salha pun....but I just had to upload her picture here sbb make-up die gorgeous!!!

cant wait for the next anugerah where  yours truly will be going on stage... DIAMOND NIGHT!!!!! yeayyy!!!! still undecided nak buat baju camne but....cant waitt!!!!

come join our premium beautiful family :) 0192710102

aisyah samsudin

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F a i z a h ' s said...

Slimnya aishah walaupun preggy... so cute :)