Sunday, February 13, 2011


way back in primary school. I wanted to become a teacher.

in secondary school. my dream was to learn arts and be an interior designer. 

in matriculation. I was lost. anyone close to me would know that accounting was not my thing.

in my early years in Uni, I found it in my heart to give a little love to accounts. and apparently. accounts is not that bad. I guess I could be an accountant. [?]

but in my final year I finally decided what I wanted. To be a fulltime housewife. like what? mak ayah antaq blajaq tinggi2 nak bagi dapat kerja elok2..hang nak jadi housewife (no ofcourse my parents didnt say that!) but after watching a friend of mine pregnant in her final year, I thought, if I had kids of my own, I want to be the one raising them, so, maybe kerja a few years, and then behenti jadi housewife or stay at home mom.

but of course living in KL, you have to work. unless ur were born in a rich family, ade trustfund yg berjuta, maybe laa boleh choose to not work kan.but I doubt any rich kid wouldnt want to work and make money of their own. I think, diorang ni lagi berusaha keras untuk buktikan that they could definitely be as good as their parents - or at least the ones I know are like that..

so bekerja laa saya. my first job was an acc exec. in an MNC company. and guess what. I loved my work..lebih lagi when I did the almost full accounts. Account is cool ok! seronok.the rush during month end - the tediousness of the reporting..yups..loved it..siap dah plan what I wanted to be after 5 years in the company..siap dah susun strategy...and how I am going to achieve my goals....pernah kejap dah jadi cam workaholic plak...PH, weekends pun datang kerja, weekdays pun balik lambat...hmm..

then Aqil was born. having ur own kid. indescribable. the most wonderful gift any woman could ever receive from god.

and the long hours in the office made me think back of my stay-at-home-mom dreams... but being young parents..and only 3-years working-so obviously saving tak bnyk, living in KL summore there is no way I could afford to do that...

but - luckily - with the power of the internet - and how the world is changing now - i had a different option - a Work At Home Mom - or better known as WAHM ;) 

yes - I wanted exactly that - staying at home taking care of my child - and working at the same time..

and alhamdulillah - after month of discussing with mr hubs, and planning , and saving.. I am now a WAHM....

yes - u heard me right... last friday was my last day at last day as an executive..

trust me - it was not an easy decision to make, it took me month to think, and to plan everything..started June last year kot dah terpk and bentangkan this issue kat hubby...but masa tu, tak tau nak buat ape mcm tertangguh the topic..

then last november baru teringat I already have joined a business - just that I wasnt really active anymore, and I know that this business could give me the security that I wanted, that was when I called Salha and asked for advice....and alhamdulillah, after only 2 month dah aktif balik, I am not worried..

One thing everyone should know - doing business is not easy (or any job pun actually) - u have to have semangat yg kuat and support system yg bagus - alhamdulillah, my mom and dad are very supportive of my decision, and especially ayah mmg support me doing business - hubby pun dah ckp he will support me as much as he could and yg paling best about this biz is that u have ur biz partners to support u as well - they who knows about the business -  they who have been thru all the ups and downs  so u know u are not alone - if nak dibandingkan if bukak business sendiri, buat sorang2..klu tetibe stuck tak tau nak rujuk kat siapa- so for me, finding and joining this business is rezeki Allah nak bagi kat my family...peluang which I will use sebaik mungkin...insyaAllah...

I am now very anxious to start a new chapter of my life....berdebar....not knowing what will happen...but insyaAllah....I know, if I berusaha, and berdoa kepada-Nya...insyaAllah...everything will go smoothly...or maybe with a few bumps here and there...please pray for me... :)



Aida said...

Gud Luck Aisya...May God Bless U alwiz..Chaiyo'

Aida Zairina Ishak said...

Congrats! Instead of being one of the exec, u are now a manager, a queen of your ones! Keep up the good work!

amalkhalid said...

dear.....aku doakan ko..u are so inspiring..aku pun tgh buat business ni..kecil2 je tp ongoing...alhamdulillah la......kalau rase nak tambah gak, ko roger ek..lactolite ko tu aku cm minat gak..hehhe