Sunday, February 13, 2011


i have always been a drama queen - haha - seriously - intentionally or not.. - so a week without drama, is so not me..

last week was my fight with my ex-senior, which now I know he was going thru a rough time then - which made me feel so bad! urgh..

and yesterday, after a meet-up at OU - going out from the parking - my car went dead!!! in the middle of the slope..sumpah kecut giler perut mase tu..menggeletar habis satu badan! all the cars behind me mmg tersangkut laa kan..and it took 5 men to push my car up to a leveled area...kesian...i felt so embarrassed and guilty to those people...but also thankful sbb ade jugak manusia yg sudi membantu (padahal diorang nyer kete sangkut takleh kluar nak!)

why embarrassed? sbb bukan rosak pun....minyak habis weyhhh!!!! Ya Rabbi...tak tau nak kata ape cheqq... tulaa...lampu minyak dah merah from friday lagi, but insisted that cukup lagi nak buat berjalan sbb ou n my moms house dekat jer... T___T

memang padan dek muka sendiri laa kan...

then, during that time plak..battery pun flat! (note to self: get a cheap hp for backup) aiyoohhh...i dont know laa...drama drama drama....then this morning....checked my FB and i found this :

owh Mr Hubs..u just made my day...cant wait to see you this tuesday!!!!



Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

hehe! what an experience! and i remember in one of your post u wrote about how many miles u can go with a gallon of petrol! ahahahah!

aiesya said...

tau takpe....the men were like...pompuan ni...isi minyak pun tak reti ke...ciss...