Thursday, January 29, 2009

need to learn time management

its going to be a hectic weekend i tell you.

i've got 4, no 5 wedding invitations :
1) fae's @ perak - Saturday (lunch)
2) liyana's @ cheras - Saturday (lunch)
3) faranad's @ ttdi - Saturday (dinner)
4) hubs friend's @ ttdi (same place as nadz!) - Sunday (lunch)
5) guna's @ Pj - Sunday (dinner)

which ones im going to, ive yet to decide..wish i could go to all but i dont think i can make it..especially the ones at the same time tu..

plus..i'm working this sunday! heard me right..working on sunday! duhhh!!! and have to report duty 7.30am sumore..giler hape!

nasib baik they're giving replacement leave on monday and hubs also cuti this monday (Hari Wilayah) so, terubat sket nak g keje pagi2 ahad tu..boleh layan Goong the whole day hari isnin tuhh..(after kemasing the rumah of course!)

Goong? bestest friend in the whole universe (she's more like a sister now!) gave me an original Goong dvd set for my birthday!! wanting the dvd for so long, but because of the price (heh!) plus i had other commitments then, so tak kesampaian nak beli..but now..thanks to my lovely jyue..boley layan Goong yang super best tuh!! very2 happy!! thanks lap u! *hugss*

back at the the hectic weekend topic, i'm still thinking when will be the best time to go back to Mom's..rase rindu pulak..hehe..with all the weddings and the work..Saturday morning pulak ingat nak g wat brazilian since already paid for it the first time i went there, might as well pergi kan..pulak my bday month ade 20% off..hmm..jimat tuh...and this saturday is the last day of go or not to go..?? giler kan..dah packed pun ade gak nak nyelit2..huh!

tgk laa..hmm..i'm really sleepy right now..think i'll go to the surau and get a quick nap! haha!

ps: malam ni g main bowling kat berjaya bukit jalil, madine ade free voucher! yeay!


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