Wednesday, January 14, 2009

birthday and house warming

my birthday is coming up soon..this Sunday to be and hubs both agreed no birthday presents for this year since we've already spent a lot for our wedding..and we need time to recover our "losses'..haha..but me being the person who thinks "birthdays are one of THE most important day in the year" cannot live without any birthday celebration..even a small one should be fine..just the both of us..just a simple treat of lunch/dinner would be enough..and hubby agreed.. yeay!! (of course he would..he loves me, no?!! hehehehehe...)

the initial plan was to go out for a movie and have ice-cream (nyum..nyum..!!) at baskin robbins..i've been wanting to try their fondue set for ages!!! the first time I "discovered" the fondue set was during fasting month last mmg melepas laa kan...takkan nak g makan aiskrim memalam..?? huhu...and after that I started "dieting" for my wedding creams are a no-no, right..?? so when hubs asked what I wanted to eat for my birthday...baskin robbins fondue set was the one which popped out in my mind!!

ahhhh...doesnt it look so heavenly...???

so anyway, I did say our initial plan is to go for a movie and BB..but the plan kinda changed a bit..yesterday, our tuan rumah smsed hubby, asking if we wanted to go to Anugerah Juara Lagu

at Bukit Jalil on the 18th? He got tickets to give..

hubby asked me.."nak ke?"

U kidding eh..?? musti laa nakkk.....

Why? I dunno...definitely not because of the artists ( I dont even know which songs are in the competition..hehehe)

just for the experience I guess... hmm.. [?]

so people... I am going to Anugerah Juara Lagu on my birthday.... yeay!!!! [duhh!?!?!?!]

hehehe...but wait.. the ice cream part...thats still on.... ;)

now I just need to find something to wear....hmmmmmm....


on a different note, I am going to have a house warming for my family this coming saturday...

We're going to recite Yassin and have high tea after that.. ;)

Thank god its potluck because I have no idea what so ever on what to cook/prepare for my family.... I hope my mom and aunties bring enough food for everyone..hehehe...

and harap2 makcik2 ku boleh panjat rumah ku yang 5 tingkat itu...huhu... ;p



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