Thursday, January 29, 2009

waiting for hubs..

i am bored.

i am still at my office.

i am waiting for my husband to arrive.

my husband is now at ampang park meeting with our photographer to get our sticky album.. (finally!!)

i am bored. (i've said that already kann?)

so what now?

owh i know...lets drooolll over things i wish i could have/buy/whatever...
a new bag

aint she a beauty..? i think i'm in love....ahhh....

lotsss of new tops

theres a whole lot more in my folder but i dont wanna bore anyone.. ;)

opss..i would love so much to write more but hubs is already here..hehehehe...cant wait to see the albums!!!!! yippeee!!!!
***and owh...i know i cannot afford ANY of the above..but a girl can always dream right? hehehe...

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