Monday, January 19, 2009

my 25th birthday

I'm 25..


Wow...i feel old... haha! I am old! Still, Happy Birthday to me!

So, anyways, after subuh..hubby recited the Al-Quran, for me, for my birthday.. ( I was waiting for him to sing a birthday song for me actually but this is wayy better I guess..hehe..not used to his ways yet ;p)

but eventually after that he did sing.. ;) ( I guess he knows his wife..hehehe)

Hubs made me breakfast in was very sweet of him.. ;)

Then, cuddled up in front of the TV and watched "Material Girls" stared by Hillary Duff and her sister (lame..I know..but that was the only DVD left that we havent watched yet..) The story is our Astro has not been installed yet (and I dunno when..called up so many times already and still got the same answer..lagi 2 hari..lagi 2 hari...bengang betul aku! haihh~~) we've been having endless nights of watching my old collection of DVDs..kecian kat hubs..of course most of my collections are chick movies! haha~~~ nasiblaa kan...

me n hubs all dressed up for my BDay!

After zuhur, went to OU.. my mind was all about the Baskin Robins fondue from that morning..but at my dissapointment..they dont have that fondue at OU baskins..huh!!! only 2 places..pavilion and the gardens..

Hubs was happy..since I was still coughing and had a slight fever that morning..he thought it was a sign for me not to have ice cream just yet...bagi betul2 sembuh dulu... ;p

So we went to Simply Penang between the new wing and old wing..I chose the place since it was my birthday..hehe...and since Im a sucker for assam laksa (my fav food besides mom's cooking!) and was in the mood of having laksa, I searched for a place that served assam laksa..thought of laksa shack at first but changed my mind coz I remembered their assam laksa is not at my liking...found Simply Penang and the place looked we went in and we both had asam laksa..(sebok jer hubs nak sama ngan kita) had some side dishes but cannot remember the names..lorbak something and apentah macam yong tau foo...the food was nice...but Pavilion assam laksa is still the best !! hahaha

the birthday girl.. ;)

Our lovely food...

Then, jalan2 kejap...looking for a new bag for everyday bag..well u see, the bag I'm using then was my bro's GF's bag..she didnt want it and gave it to my sister, and I ended up using it because I at that time I needed a bag which I can dump everything in..hehe...and now the beg dahtak rupa beg decided to find a new one..pusing punya pusing..masuk sume kedai ( Nine West, Aldo, Guess, Liz Claiborne, Parkson ) takdak satu pun berkenan..huh! Then went in Padini concept store to look at shoes, but ended up buying a bag! hahaha... and its Vincci!! hahaha..yeah I know..Vincci bag?? so high school... (even high school students dont wear them anymore..) hahaha...but I dont care..the bag is perfect..the right size, the right colour, the roght texture..everything I wanted in a bag.. me likey...

owh..I paid for the bag eventhough hubs offered to pay for birthday presents right? a deal is a deal..!! but at last he did buy me a cute+smart wallet from vincci also (duh? vincci lagi?)..hehe...I was playing with it while waiting for my bag..and kinda sort of like hubs kate.."ni abang blanje..bukan birthday present..." hehehehe...nak argue..but it was cheap katanye..couldnt be considered as a gift...owh..whateverr....

so now I have a new bag and a new wallet... I am so happy ~~~ ;)

i just love everything about this bag! ;)

thank you abang for kerana likey... ;)

later that night we went to AJL, we were hesitated to go at first..thinking that the next day is a working day ..takut letih..but then thinking that our tuan rumah dah susah2 naik tingkat 5, just to pass us our ..what the heck..pegi jelaa...

Gosh...we felt so embarassed being there..!!I dont know why...when we were walking towards the ears were hot..I felt like..adoii...poyonyerr....especially looking at the crowd there...

hubs was.."ape kite buat ni sayang..?poyonyer datang tempat2 macam ni.." while covering his face..hoping tak bertembung with anyone we knew...

hahahaha...eventhough I felt the same..I went "takpelaa abang..pengalaman...."

this was definitely our first and our LAST..!! ;p

we didnt stay long punn...after the 4th song..we went back..couldnt stand the poyoness of being in the stadium and watching sesak2 mase balik tu...

the view from our seats...tanak amek pic sendiri coz hubs said "tanak ade bukti we went to AJL.." hahaha..!!

*takde mood nak tulis about AJL diketika ini*

arrived home at 11pm and slept.. ;)


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Eqin said...

kami pun makan kat Simply Penang tu semalam . Heeee~ Sedapp! (tapi mahal-.-) Pergi shopping ngan mak . I got new baju~~~ ( tak jeles ke ??) hahaha ^^ Bila mahu datang rumah ehhh ! Dah beli hadiah untuk kak tpi tak bagi2 lagi . hmmm .