Friday, November 21, 2008

[what have i become?]

I am going to a place with a private beach for my honeymoon..I've already bought myself a pair of super cute bikini @ the curve street first wanted to buy Roxy's but the prices are so ridiculous.. RM3++ for a pair of skimpy bikini? no thanks! and besides, the one i bought from the street market is way much cuter than the ones at Roxy! (seriesly..Roxy's designs are ..ntah ape2..hehehe)

well anyways, mza is so totally NOT going to allow me wear ONLY the bikini (i dont think i would even if he allows me bangat deh!!) so I'm trying to find something to cover up the "sexiness" but in the same time still be sexy..(and still showing my hot bikini..hehe) saying that, tshirts are totally a no-no...after googleing some beach styles, I came across "beach kaftans".. wahh..just what i needed..cover up but still sexyyyy...miaaww... ;p

but the problem is..I've searched..and searched..and searched for a beach kaftan (in Malaysia) but I cant simply find one.. I found one at The Island Shop @ OU but damn!! the price ... i am so nottt going to pay RM2++ for a piece of the very the very the very KAIN NIPIS..ceyh...seriesly haa..??

Wanted to buy online but the online stores doesnt ship to Malaysia pulak...adehh...nak pesan kat member pun dorang balik lambat sgt ke malaysia..huhhh...

these are a couple that I adore..(the butterfly one is my fav!!)

i love the colourful material used in this one..menarik...

cantik bukann..?? and its in my fav colour pulak tu...hmmm.....i can totally see myself in it!!

so anyway i guess I'm making the beach kaftan myself..It cant be that hard eyh..??gunting sini, jahit sana.. (luckily I have the passion of sewing and making stuff myself..and im also pretty good at it..hehehe..puji diri lelebih plak ehh)..

Just need to find the material...and also the TIME to make it... (curtain for bilik pengantin belum jahit lagi..ade hati nak buat bende lain...adehh... yes peeps..i make my own curtains!! ;p)

******* ******* ******* *******
I think I'm becoming a shopaholic laa.. seriesly... last weekend I went to Jalan TAR..a couple of times.. 1st time to search for kain for auntie.. which I ended up buying for myself also..the second time I went to search for kain and baju melayu for my future PIL.. and again..I bought one for myself...*sigh*..berapa ratus dah habis ke kain aje...

at first I thought it was only kain and its just me in the process of growing up and becoming a lady.. (i gunno why..but grown ups tend to buy kain and make baju kurung a lot..[read: my mom])..and I never really like buying kain n making baju kurung..biase tibai jer mak punye baju kurung..hehe...well..we USED to wear the same smaller now.. *blush*..

Or maybe because the number of kenduri's next year are uncountable!! all of my friends seem to have found their match and getting married..and I WILL be meeting the SAME people for each nak pakai the same outfit twice right? hehehe..

but then, when I saw aye (my kazen) wearing CROCS..i kinda...hmm.. "macam nak beli jer.."
(and i just bought shoes..remember..??)

adehh...and today.. from the mo' I switched on my PC up until NOW..I've been googling about CROCS..the paterns..the names..the prices...(i even searched for mza punye coz I want to get him one too..) and planned to go to MV after work to buy a pair for myself n mza.. gilerr kann??

but just a while mom called and told auntie that I've been waiting for so lonnggg to finally my house...!!!! yeayyy!!!!! (she lives in Kuantan btw..) ..nasib baikkk...!!!

so.. goodbye CROCS (for today..hehe..) and welcome auntie... ;) ;) [ur such a life saver u know..klu tak taktau laa bp bnyk akan ku spend kat kasut getah tu arini..*sigh* ]

i just hope my urge to buy the CROCS will fade away by tomorrow... aminnn....

anyway.. these are the CROCS that i might be buying in the near future...hahahaha... (padahal baru jer doa agar tak beli...teruk sungguh diri ini...huuhhhh...!!!)

for me:

CROCS Prima in Gold

CROCS Malindi in Pulse
(but i think this one dah takde kat kedai..i guess i'll buy it online.. ;p)

for him:

CROCS Yukon in Chocolate
(but I think mza tanak..tgklahh..die tanak me dapat lebih..hehe)

cantikkan...kan..kan..kan....hmmm....I think I'm going to get em..if not today..tomorrow...
*tgk..tgk...tu baru kasut..tak masuk lagi bab lain......huwaaaa!!!!!!*


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