Wednesday, November 19, 2008

* i want this *

after searching high and low..
after countless of mattress testing..and budget counting..

(ceyh! macam laa susah sgt..baring aje kann..heheh)

i've finally decided...
i want this....

it has pocket springs and a memory foam push top.. and it's damn comfy..!!!

actually i want a latex push top or pillow top..but its too priceyy...

and this one the price is still OK compared to other brands.. but still a bit over my actual budget...opss....its a LOTTT over my actual budget..!!

but wtf...i'm getting it anyway..pandai2 laa budget balik the other things...huhu..

(i believe sofa, mesin basuh [?] can wait..tilam adalah sgt penting OK!!)

mza was like.. "awk ni klu dah set nak bende tu..nak jugak kan..."

hehe..sorry eyh dear..i really2..really want this one...last..tak mintak dah bende bukan2..

i promise.. ;p

lagipun..its an investment least i dont have to change my mattress in three years time..coz i read that most of the cheap spring mattress by 3-4 years dah kene tukar..but this type (as shown above) can last up until 15 years!..haaa..kan senang...15 tahun takyah beli baru..hehehe... alasannnnnn!!!!!!!


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