Monday, November 24, 2008


yesterday I was on medical first I was pretty reluctant to go for the leave since I've already been on MC for 2 days this month (I dun want my manager think Im taking mc on laa nak kahwin kan..)..the first one on the 1st week of nov and the second was last week..due to dengan hati yang tekad..I went to work as normal..but only 2 hours in the office my condition went worst than ever (Mza said due to the aircond in the office) head was spinning like crazy and my flu was..cannot describe at 10am I went out from the office..

Did I headed straight home..????


I went to MV..hehe..on two reasons..

1st..I wanted to test either I was really sick or I was only mengada2 nak skip work.. how? well normally when my head goes spinning or when I feel sick..and I go to ANY shopping mall..with or without any intention to buy body will straight feel OK...funny aite?? but its true..Mza always said.. "masuk kedai jer sihat trus sayang ni..senang nak jage..takyah bagi makan ubat..." hehehe... so if I still felt sick, then that means that I am truly sick..which happened yesterday.. I thought after walking up and down the mall.. I would I was totally wrong.. I went from bad to worst...sampai masuk Body Shop..I didnt say a word to the SA.. I just pointed out what I wanted..and the SA was quite confused a bit mase mule2..but then agaknye she saw my sick face..just followed me and took whatever i pointed out to the counter..hehehe...and I could barely stand up straight when I was paying for my stuff at La that point the world (or in this case the inside of the LA Senza butique) went spinning like crazieeee....... I was like.." need to go back and rest Aisyah.." made my last purchase and went back home..drove very2 slow coz pening!

2nd..I wanted to buy the CROCS shoes that I blogged earlier.. and I got them! well actually only one pair.. and its the PRIMA in Pulse..remember I wanted it in Gold..?? hmm..out of least I got one, right?? I also wanted to buy some stuff for my a set of Passion Fruit body product (Body Scrub, Body Butter, Lip Butter and Shower Gel) from Body Shop plus Devine Calm Relaxing Massage Oil also from Body Shop.. I also got a sexy lingerie from La Senza.. hehehe.. ;p

These are the catch of the day!


so back home, feeling so unwell..tried to sleep but cant seem like an hour and a half sleep kot then mom woke me up to have lunch (at 3.30pm!..heheh..)..she made nasi ayam..did not have the appetite to eat at first but the rice was so yummy..even on its own..jadi tambah pulak..hehehe...

after lunch..worked on my veil..having a hard time shaping and cutting it into a perfect round shape..the material I'm using is the very2 soft chiffon..go figure! (took the idea from Jid's veil..hehe..thanks Jiddo!) ..but at last, got the shape that I wanted..not as perfect as I want time to be super perfect at these time..then drove to the tailor to get the edges..err...sulam... hehehe... I really thought that it could be done at that time, but owh I was wrong..

adek itu kate.. "hari rabu ye kak..." huhu... so long for finishing it up that night...

dissapointed, still dizzy and spinning, coughing..drove to the nearest chinese drug store to buy Vicks..(couldnt find the one at home) end up buying a box of orange peel fresh, panadol soluble and Vicks... went home..finished off the WHOLE box of peel fresh..(my idea of having direct supply of Vit C for my flu) hehehe... and also made myself a hot steamed bowl of vicks to help my breathing..(could sleep because of my clogged nose !!!)...

but did it help????....nope..nothing...nadaaa..!! I still couldnt breate properly..and my flu was still like h*ll !!blame the sinus and the non existence of "bulu" to filter habuk in my nose..*chehh*

huhu...took my pills...slept at 6pm..and woke up at 6 am this morning!! 12 hours of sleep...!!! giler ahh... klu badan tak recover jugak taktau laa aku...!!!!

my so called supply for my flu....

the bowl of steamed vicks that didnt help at all!!!!!!

*my head is still not ok now..camne..???


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