Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i'm loving it !

remember i wrote about ordering some shoes from and was damn worried the shoes might not arrive? huhu.. they arrived today..well actually it was yesterday but nobody was at home so i had to go to brickfields to get my shoes..1 hour stuck in the massive jam..but it was so worth it..!!!! they are as gorgeous and scrumptious as i imagine them to be!! hehehe..i was so excited that i couldnt sleep last night and woke damn early this obviously when i got the box i immediately opened it then and there in the car! hehehe..

my fiance was like.."dah tak ingat ape dah bile dapat kasut"

hehe..sorry yer darling...syioookkk laa dapat kasut baru... ;p

i so love my new shoes.. tho i do feel the brown one is a little bit high for my taste..(think if i wanna sell got people wanna buy eyh?) hmm... but ape2pun..... i'm loving it! yeay! *tak sabarnye nak pakai*


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