Sunday, November 9, 2008

and the search continues...

i am searching for a mattress for my kenduri (katil pengantin) and also for my future bed kat umah baru nanti (takkan nak angkut yang dari umah kan..??) mom already sponsored (i think?) the bed, which is a four poster bed that i've been dreaming of since ages! (well not the exact one coz i dreamt of a really huge one..tapi tak muat pulak bilik pengantinnyer nanti..i guess this one should be enuff for now [?] hehe..)

while searching for the perfect mattress with mza, i found out that it was not as easy as i thought it would be..hehe..(ingatkan test2 baring then can decide..but i was so wrongg!!)

first, there's a ton of brands to choose from ( i did not do my homework on brands before i went mattress hunting so mase kat kedai a bit blur~) *king koil la, slumberland la, dreamland la, dreamaster la..and some other yang me takleh nak ingat the names..* so, wasnt sure which brand is the best..klu ikut salesperson of course the ones at their shop are the best ait? but i've made my mistakes before and learnt that never 100% trust the salesperson [duh!! i think everyone knows that right?]

besides the brands, the type of material used for the mattress pun bnyk jugak..*theres latex, pocket spring, bonnel spring, coconut fiber, foam n ape2ntah lagi*....mak aihh...mampuih laa macam ni..i was in the total dark.. ikut mza, cari yang sedap baring n murah jer..uh uhh..not me...will not make a purchase until i do my homework.. (typical moi!)

but i did try lying on a couple of mattresses..just to get the idea of the type and how it feels.. hmm..i want something soft, but not so soft..cause i know its not good for my back..and i oftenly have backaches (yeah..i know im only 24 but what to do..i guess i get it after my father..asyik sakit blakag jer..huhu) but i dont want anything to hard either (coz i heard that hard mattress are for those who have back problems)..just that i cant sleep on hard mattress..mcam lagi sakit jerkk..huhu..something in the middle would be nice.. and definitely nothing too irratating jerk!

so today..after reading endless of blogs, forums, comments and articles on mattresses..i've narrowed down to two types of mattresses that i should be looking for..or what i want to be exact! hehe.. the 2 types are :

latex : The natural elasticity and flexibility of latex guarantee a high quality mattress. It gives optimum support to the body and has efficient self ventilating and moisture regulating properties.

~ pocket spring : Each coil is individually wrapped pre-compressed, ultrasonically sealed and held together independently while allowing individual movement in perfect harmony with the body contours and minimizing partner disturbances.

and true enough..i've tried these two and they are exactly what i need to be sleeping on after a long day at work! *hehe*

malangnya..these type of mattress are damn pricey! they range from rm1500 up till rm10,000.. (giler ape nak beli tilam rm10k? me myself dont cost that much! hahahah) shheesss....

the brands plak? i dont care as long as the mattress types are either latex or pocket spring! cheiihhhh..konon...still comparing the prices between brands actually (and i am soo brand concious! hahaha) i guess kene buat further search lagi laa...

should we buy a mattress that gives the best comfort? *yes*
can we afford a mattress that cost more than 1k right now? *no*

and the search continuess.....haihhhh....

*penatnye mencari barang that have good quality and affordable prices*


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