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today, I would like to write something to educate my readers..not saying that I am miss-know-it-all .. but I have been educated about this since I was young and I see so many people and even my friends are not aware of this issue..

what issue?

the BRA issue!  :)

do you guys know, according to experts, around 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong size bra and many have never even been for a fitting. And because of this, these women might be damaging their breast and up to 95% of women are thought to be at risk — because "they are ignorant or embarrassed about their true bra size."

bukan main2 yer kawan2... wearing the wrong bra and wrong bra size could damage your breast!

nak baca about the risks and studies, boleh check out links kat bawah ni :

Then you guys must be wondering mcm mana nak tahu if your wearing the right size or not? Below ni are 14 signs that shows you are wearing the wrong bra size

Signs that Your Bra Band is the Wrong Size
1. The Band Cuts into Your Skin
If the band digs into you and creates back-fat bulges or red marks on your torso, it’s too tight and you need to move up a band size.
2. You can pull the band more than a couple of inches away from your back
If you can pull the band back that far, it’s too loose and you need to move down a band size.
3. The bra straps are cutting into your shoulders
This is perhaps the most misunderstood sign of an improperly-fitting bra.  The bra band’s responsible for providing 80% of the support for your bust.  The straps should only be doing 20% of the work.  If the straps are digging into you, they’re shouldering too much of the burden.  Your band is likely too large and you need to move down a band size.  Making this change will allow the band to do its fair share of the “heavy lifting.”
4. The band doesn't lie parallel to the ground
If it’s curved or riding up on your back, it’s too loose.  You need to move down a band size.
5. You dont have two fingers of space between your bra band and your back
If you can fit more than two fingers between your band and your back, your band’s too loose and you need to move down a band size; if you can’t fit two fingers back there, your band’s too tight and you need to move up a band size.
6. The band doesn't rest flatly against your back
If there’s space between the band and your back when it’s fastened, the band’s too loose and you need to move down a band size.
The bra band’s perhaps the most important, functional component of your bra.  Making sure it’s the right size is critical.  But, keep in mind, if you move up or down in band size you may need to make an opposite move in cup size in order to maintain an overall correct fit.
Signs that Your Bra Cups are the Wrong Size
7. The underwires rest on your breast tissue
The cups, including the wires, should completely contain your breasts.  The wires should rest on your rib cage.  If the wires rest on your breast tissue, your cups are too small and you should move up a cup size.
8. The underwires poke you under your arms
If you’re being poked in the sides, where the cups meet the wings, your cups are too small and you should move up a cup size.
9. The underwires lift off of your rib cage
If the underwires don’t lie flatly against you, the cups are again too small and you need to move up a cup size.
10. Your cups are wrinkling
If you’re wearing non-molded cups, and there seems to be extra fabric at their tops, the cups are too large and you should move down a cup size.
11. Breast tissue is bulging from the edges of the cups
If part of your bust appears to be jumping from the top of the cups, or spilling out from the sides of them under your arms, the cups are too small and you need to move up a cup size.  Again, the cups should completely contain all of the breast tissue; wearing cups that are a size too small to enhance cleavage only produces an uncomfortable fit.
12. The center gore, or the fabric connecting to bra's two cups, doesnt rest flatly against your sternum
If you can put your finger between the fabric and your skin, your cups are too small causing your breasts to exert too much tension on the center gore.  Again, try moving up a cup size.
When evaluating the fit of your bra cups, keep a couple of things in mind.  First, few women have two breasts that are exactly the same size.  When determining the right cup size for you, always judge the fit according to your larger side.  Second, a great way to judge “spillage” out of the cups is to put on a tight T-shirt over your bra.  You’ll be able to see any excess tissue more clearly than by just wearing a bra alone.  If bulges are apparent, you’ll need to move up a cup size.
Signs that Your Bra Straps Don’t Fit Properly
13. The straps slide off your shoulder
Bra straps shouldn’t slide off of your shoulders.  If this occurs, they’re too loose.  Increase their tension if they’re adjustable.
14. You dont have two fingers of space between your bra straps and your shoulders
If you have adjustable straps, increase their tension if more than two fingers fit underneath them; decrease their tension if two fingers can’t fit underneath them.
Bras that fit correctly are comfortable, improve posture, create a thinner appearance, and bolster confidence and self-esteem by creating an overall better silhouette.  They can be the most important items in any woman’s wardrobe.

a bra that does not fit...

So mcam mana nak dapatkan size and bra yang betul????

you guys can baca kat sini >>>> How To Find The Right Bra

or ....

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