Monday, July 18, 2011

cant wait to get my hands on this.......


So people ask me, dah ade PB full set, nak buat ape beli Short Bra Premium Beautiful lagi ?? well, it could be for many reasons, but my reasons are

1 - first and foremost, to wear on my LAZY DAYS!!!!! sure I skip wearing the full set once in a while, so this is where the short bra comes in handy!!

2 - after wearing PB the whole day, pastu malam tu nak kluar need to wear PB, pki jer short least our breast still fully supported...

3 -  hari2 kita rendam PB and terlupa nak sidai - kan syiok ade backup - :)

4 - after been introduced to Premium Beautiful - I simply HATE WEARING NORMAL BRAs !!! oklaa...not hate...but i really really dont like normal bras....honestly, you can totally see the difference, wearing PB compared to wearing a normal bra, I have always been on the big size (my sisters) since sekolah menengah, so bra has always been an issue for me, mula2 tak kesah laa pakai half cup bagai...but bila tgk org lain yg big chested pakai bra yg tak kene ngan size diorang...seriesly...buruk! FYI, siapa pakai cub B ke atas >>> half cup bras are definitely a NO NO!!!! u think it looks actually only looks bouncy and saggy...both at the same time...

5 - being a breastfeeding mom (yes still breastfeeding aqil! Thanks to PB and Lactolite) , i need a really good bra to wear, even at home... some people say, beli jer laa brand yg bagus n mahal sket...mesti sama effect...well sorry...nope... even now I'm using Xixili-full cup-rm150 per pair......the effect is still not the same as wearing PB...- i'll tell u how much the short bra cost kat bawah nnti...but hubs pun boleh nampak the diff..klu pki normal bra mesti die akan tegur..

6 - i have been taught from zaman remaja lagi from my mom how important it is to jaga ur boobs..explains why  I am just conscious and very particular bout my body. full stop. 


- for pregnant ladies, of course first reason sbb takleh pki fullset PB masa pregnant, but why is it important to wear a good bra is because your boobs will grow 2 size bigger when ur pregnant and if you dont wear bra yg can give u good support...they will start to go south and say bye to ur pretty pre-pregnant boobs..

- for those yg big chested - YOU NEED SUPPORT !!! by support I mean full or atleast 3/4 cup , min of 3 hooks , a wide strap and good material.... you may not see why its important now, wait till ur in your 30s....series akan menyesal tak jaga breast dari awal

- do it for your husband...come on...its common knowledge that guys love boobs..and our husbands are guys... takkan nak biar breast jatuh kan...tak seksi you.....

- and for other reason like 
   - untuk good blood circulation because of the FIR, nipples pun akan jadi pinkish balik :) 
   - untuk firmkan balik breast..tak kira laa besar ke kecik...
   - nak cover lemak2 kat belakang badan tu sbb bra ni lebar..
   - untuk weekend bila tak pakai fullset PB

for now tu jer laaaa....anyone nak further info on the bra just let me know k..

howh...the prices 

RM 480 (S)
RM 528 (L)

and of course ... LIFETIME WARRANTY !!!!


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