Tuesday, August 2, 2011


watched this on Izyan's blog and I just have one word to describe it...


I just had to share this here....

Jessica Harlow's Rules for Life

Basically, there are 3 rules in the video .. and these are Tips To Be More Successful, Enjoy Our Lives More and Get More Things Done

Rule # 1 - Always Do What You're Afraid To Do

Fear is the biggest obstacle ever! mmg betul... we fear everything that's outside our comfort zone .. we fear if we will fail, we fear what might people say, we fear what our family would say.... yes sure... but sometimes we over-think things... sometimes we fear things we dont have to fear...

Jessica said, what makes her overcomes her fears is when she compared her fear to what was more scary to her...

the WHAT-IFs !!

ask yourself this....

are you more scared of what people would say or all those little things you could imagine what could happen


what are you more afraid of sitting down a few years from now and sitting back and say... Owh..what if I tried doing that? what if I've taken that risks? what if I faced those fears?

kannn???? lagi2 when you see orang lain dah berjaya..dah wayyyyy ahead of you?? you want to be the person left behind??

So people, put the fear aside and CHALLENGE YOURSELF ! sometimes you need these challenge to grow as a person... :)

sometimes a little bit of fear can take you a longgg way....as long as you channel that fear into something good :)

Rule # 2 - Be Your Own Bestfriend

simple... YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ... you need to be honest to yourself and helpful to yourself as possible..

dont wait for people to do it for you... YOU must take your own step...You must do everything you need to do for YOURSELF.... IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU!!

Jessica said, "some way or another we are all self centered to some degree..." .. which is true, you ask yourself, would you think about your needs first, or would you think about your friends need first?? of course laa you can...then, other people are just the same...maka... you have to be the first to push yourself..to believe in yourself..

Rule # 3 - Cut Negative People Out of Your Life ... (completely...no excuses!)

TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE..... not only she says this...even Donald Trump says this ok...

she says, "if you got friends who says you cant do this, you cant do that, dont bother doing that, you're not going to go anywhere..you dont enough of this, you dont have enough of that..all those you cant, you dont you whatever..cut them out...remove them from your life...they are not your friends"..

acquaintance and friends are different things...not everyone is your friend....friends want you to succeed...to be happy in life...bukan nak jatuhkan orang...bukan nak mengutuk org bila org tu nak try something different...

true, kita tak mungkin always sependapat dengan kawan kita, tapi kita kene support..bukan jatuhkan...bukan ckp all the negative things...ckp..aku rasa ko tak cukup kuat laa nak buat...ko bukan ade backup klu anything happens....think about the positive and work towards it..insyaAllah in time kita akan nampak hasilnya...

as for "kawan" yg kita terpaksa berdepan everyday.... as jessica said, "minimize your time with them" ....

if family members plak yang negative tak kesah laa abang ke, makcik ke, pakcik ke..... easy.... dont talk about the subject ngan diorang...or if they still dok cakap negative things about what you're doing or dok tease you or perli2...just walk away...g toilet ker...g cari air ke...makanan ke.... then lepak tempat lain... :) remember what you are doing is for you... :)

so snip snip snip snip snip ~~~

dont feel bad coz they are not really your friends...friends dont make you feel little or useless :)

and make sure you are positive too :)

I think thats all....watch the video if you have time, trust me, its really eye opening... judge for yourself, be honest :) insyaAllah..

aisyah samsudin

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