Monday, July 4, 2011

Wedding Day : My Top 5

asyik cerita psal Hong Kong and Premium Beautiful jer..penat jugak kan lets take a break and sembang2 psal penangan Karnival Pengantin 4 hari berturut...asyik teringat masa wedding dulu ;)

planning a wedding can be overwhelming...the cost of a wedding is..hmmm....CRAZY!! no kid! Dari makanan ke hantaran ke doorgift ke pelamin ke kad jemputan...if you have the money, then no problem right...but like me, back then, tak sampai setahun kerja dah gatai nak kahwin..of course laa duit tu limited kan...i am lucky that the kenduri was sponsored by MaPa so I didnt have to really worry on that department...just that the other things when ur resources are limited, you have to prioritize...there are some things i feel its ok to splurge, and some things i feel its a waste to spend too much money on..

so now my top 5 list of things i strongly feel you SHOULD splurge


- some people think its a waste to make ur own wedding dress (ehem ehem mommy dearest) hehehe...but I made all 3, nikah, reception and bertandang... the thing is...sewa pun is expensive...and you couldnt keep the baju...lucky for me I like it cost nak buat baju tu takde laa bnyk, you can make it fit to ur body (takde nak longgar or terketat sana sini) and according to ur own design or imagination....and you are the only one yang pakai that dress! ever! you will never see other people wearing the exact same dress you wore on ur wedding day :) special laa sket kan :)

my fav dress amongst the 3, my reception dress... simple and clean , with pearls and crystals and fits my body like a glove! :)

2 ) The Make-Up Artist

-If you're not the kind who goes on stage or have events every other month..... then this is ur one and only time to splurge on a MUA!!! seriesly, masa kahwin ni jerlaa nak merasa di makeup and didandan oleh MUA...never ever lepas tu... I like my make-up to cover all my flaws but looks natural enough not to change my face completely.. ;) find a MUA who really knows his/her thing...if ur not sure...go for trials..if they dont want to give trial, then dont hire them...senang... like me, i had a very clear idea of what color i wanted..and how i wanted my makeup to be i told my MUA masa tu...and tada...

i still look like me right ? ;)

and experience masa tunang, my kening kene cukur sampai hilang separuh!!! series!!! mmg nanges giler on my engagement day tu,,then sebulan kene pakai tudung kedepan nak cover kening yg tinggal separuh tu,,,so masa my wedding, i went to a profesional...buat siap2 so i told my MUA no need dah nak bentuk2 kening...kat profesional tu ckp laa nak bentuk mine i ckp nak kemas kan jer...i didnt want it to be halus or terbentuk yg nampak fake sgt,,,, remember,,,we want to look like ourself..not org lain.. :)


- ok ok i know yg ni belah laki yg bagi...but like me I told Mr hubs siap2 that i wanted a nice ring...hantaran yg lain tu biasa2 udah....i dont mind.... ;) coz again....if u have a husband like mine...most probably..this is the only time you would ever get a ring from splurge!!!  hehehehe...and before going to the jewelry shop, make sure u study first about the 4C so that tak kene tipu...tgk a few places and compare prices and the 4Cs...the size carik yg kene ngan ur finger...not too big coz u want to wear it everyday (or at least i do!) nnti besar sgt pun jadi takut nak pki sbb takut kene rompak plak kan...or you will feel cam tak sesuai nak pki slalu sbb asek tersangkut sana sini..then rugi laa kan.... or not too small yg nampak tak nampak diamond tu...i cant remember mine berapa carat..but i love it coz kene jer ngan my finger :) and yg paling penting... YOU love YOUR ring!! org lain kata ape takde kesah nyer...

cant find a better picture.. T__T

4 ) the video and photographer

- kahwin sekali jer seumur hidup and you want someone taking really good pictures on ur big day!!! i came across this one group masa karnival pengantin aritu... Odisi Studio ... i really love their pictures...very clean n fresh...angles cantik and not too much editing....mostly gmbr sume capture the actual moment...cantik laa...and u want something like that :) because gmbr2 ni bukan nak tgk sekejap jer...u will keep it till anak cucu cicit u want something yg clean and gmbr yg shows the actual surrounding of ur big day...

my beloved amateurs on my big day ;)


- I know this is not part of the wedding BUT people tend to forget to make a budget for this.... and its a HUGE part of starting ur life as husband and wife..... this is the only time u have time to spend together uninterrupted...the time to kenal ur partner inside out..of course u would not know everything about him in 3-4 days...but atleast u have an idea...masa honeymoon ni time u want to talk about the future u have together...ur future kids... some people say, takpelaa..duit lebih2 tu pergilaa honeymoon....they dont want to think about the honeymoon until after the wedding...truth is, there will not be duit lebih2 after the include the Honeymoon in the wedding budget doesnt have to be much...mmg laa klu boleh semua pun nak g overseas...but buat planning tu according to ur me...pergi honeymoon dalam negara jer...but it was the best 4 days!!! u dont know when lagi nak g honeymoon if u dont plan it early...bila dah start naik kerja after kahwin...kerja dah menimbun..nak cuti pun takut bos bising sbb masa kahwin dah cuti lama kan...ade plak yg style bunting pelamin...dapat plak first 3 month tu sickness teruk..honeymoon ape nyer..dah lepas 3 month plak..perut tak berapa nak seksi sbb baby bump dah start showing..but still nampak seperti over makan..bukan pregnant..kita plak jadi stress nak pakai lingerie seksi2 dalam bilik...anyways...panjang plak membebel psal honeymoon...i seriously advice...include the honeymoon in the budget awal2 k :)

hahaha...terbanyak plak hambar those yg wondering...we went to Pangkor Island Beach Resort  for our honeymoon :) room plak kitorg amek Villa :)

hmmm..dah panjang dah post ni...shud I continue on things I think shud not waste too much money on? or wait till the next post? hmm....

buat pendek jer laa kan... so my TOP 5 things you shud not splurge on

1 - Pelamin - 2-3k is ok..but more than that...mcm ni laa..u wont be looking back and say...cantiknyaa pelamin masa kahwin dulu..the ONLY thing u would be looking at is YOU and YOU! hahaha.. ;p and try not to tempah pelamin yg terlampau penuh ngan hiasan...make it simple...coz u want people to look at YOU..not anything else...its all about the BRIDE no?

2 -  card kahwin - seriously...buat laa card rm0.50 or rm5 pun...people will still throw them away....unless ur inviting VVIP ..then I think dont spend more than rm1 for ur wedding card...

3 - dulang hantaran - you seriously dont need 15-17 dulang hantaran from one side of the family infront of you masa menikah... i guess 5 balas 7 pun dah ok...yg penting barang atas dulang....its quality not quantity :)

4 - tukar2 persalinan - i dont know if this still ade org buat...but nak kene tukar2 baju on ur wedding day..sat baju jepun..then baju itu and ini...hmmm...entah laa...i dont see the keperluan...

5 -

hmmm...tu jer kot...takleh pk dah now..aqil nak susu...

i hope this post tak offend anybody......its just my opinion....lain org mesti ade lain pendapat kan.. ;) so anyways....sesiapa yg tgh plan for ur wedding...good luck and have fun doing it k!!

aisyah samsudin


kama said...

suke entry ni to the max!!! hahaha!! tenkiu ;)

nurhazDV said...

haha..teruja bace sampy rase nak kawin...haha

nik amirah said...

thnx kak aisyah!!! suke bace ni, sampai rase xsabar nk kawin!!!! pdhl bf pn x de lg, hahaha...=P

nik amirah said...

thnx for the lovely n interesting tips!!! x sb plak nk kawin, tp bf x de lg, hahhaha!!!=P

aiesya said...

hehehe,,,good luck yer planning untuk kahwin!!

yerlaa tuh takde bf!!!!

linziana said...

Setuju-setuju..yang kita nak look forward to is our life after kahwin...biar simple tapi tinggalkan kesan mendalam kat dalam diri. :)