Sunday, August 8, 2010

the work of an amatur.

remember this post, where I wrote about doing my BIL's hantaran?

I was suppose to take pictures and show the results of my first attempt doing hantarans, but the pictures hubby took are in his laptop, and i keep on forgetting to copy the pictures from him...hehe..

since my new SIL just uploaded her wedding pictures in her fb page, so I'm temporarily stealing these pictures from her, I've got only 5 pictures that are clear, most of them are too focused on the stuff on the tray, where the actual deco for the hantaran could not be seen...

i'll upload the pictures that hubs took later..

so, here they are, theme : brown n blue.

sirih junjung

what do you guys think? ok ke?



Its Mah said...

Semua cantik Aisyah, did you do it all, well, looks like we have a new batch of hantaran expert. Keep it up.xoxo Teh

Fadzlin said...

cantik gel..
ko kene open tuk tempahan nie..