Sunday, August 8, 2010

crafters i love

I've added a new list at the side bar >>>>>
of the crafter blogs that I love to read.. [there are more actually, but pelan2 yer..]

the thing is, I suka2 jer link their it ok? or should I ask permission first?
whats the rule like here?

I'm not asking them to link me, just wanted to show u guys where I get my inspiration from...and also where i get my stash of fabrics n sewing materials.. ;) hehe..


anyways.. do check them out..u'll understand why I am so crazy about sewing and making cute stuff..and compared to them, I am such an amateur! ;)



Sweetlilcraft said...

terima kasih aisyah :)
nanti kalau ada kain yg nak let go tu, bgtau ye..^_^

aiesya said...

no probs.. ;)

okie dookie..akan dikasi tahu bila sampai fabric nyer.. ;)

SyahNur said...

salam ukhwah...

thanx ye add my blog into ur crafter list.. i really appreciate it... do visit my blog again ye...hehe

aiesya said...


hari2 saya visit..hehe.. ;)

ur welcome.. ;)

Zura said...


Hi my dear Aiesya, thank you for linking to my blog. And you've sewn up very pretty stuff, definitely not amateurish to me :) Keep creating girl, you are very talented! Take care! :)