Sunday, August 15, 2010

the boy who laughs!

a lotttt happened last weekend so I'm just going to sum up

* project kemas rumah - finally!!! and now I have my own sewing room! I'll blog about that later ;)

* berbuka at Mom's - Mom made nasi jagung n Ayam pedas ...superrrr yummy!! it was fun, everyone was there plus Cu and kids, big bro's gf, and also hubs bro n sis...Hubs said "macam nak raya dah.." hehe..

* went to Midvalley for some grocery shopping, accidentally met lil bro, asked him to babysit Aqil while me n hubs went searching for stuff! thanks Pak Mail! ;)

*went to Custom's at LCCT [ why? thats a whole other entry! wait for it!] , got lost on the way back..boleh? wanted to cry because was so hungry, dark, raining, traffic..oh..did i mention? i was alone..huhu

*1st time bought Boxes at Ikea, giler jakun mase pasang kotak.. pakai screw babe! lol!

*MIL called hubs and said she found her mesin jahit tepi , said I could have it [or borrow, whatever!] , just need to go service the thing!!! woohooo!! cant wait to go back Johor to get the machine! super excited! any idea where to service an interlock machine?

*searched for my camera battery charger for daysssss now, finally accepted the fact that I misplaced [lost?] it..went to the shop to ask the price for a new charger...RM220 for a freaking charger!!!! u kidding me??? huaaa!!!!! any camera geeks out there, u know where to find cheap Canon s90 battery charger?

*ambushed BIL house yesterday for berbuka..we gave them [him and wife] quite a shock when we suddenly were standing in front of their house [we = me, hubs, aqil, SIL, BIL] , 2 hours before berbuka! lol! not to be cruel, we went to the pasar ramadhan together gether..hehe...beli makanan cam nak makan untuk 20 org! ;p but it was nice, we seldom get to gather in KL, event hough 4 out of 5 of hubs siblings are in KL...took a picture to make Kak Ita [the eldest sister] jealous! haha..sorry kak!

*Aqil's Nursery moved to a different location today, so came in late for work...naseb baik manager tak nampak! huhu...

*Opened my email and yessssss...another error in the payment..not a great way to start my week! I swear..I am not motivated anymore to work here... 2 out of 4 of my colleagues have left this month, one more to go next month...everyone hatesssss the BP and cannot stand I am still hanging in there! trying to figure out whats my next move..hmm....its kinda confusing, to quit, its like surrendering to this crazy people, which shows how weak I am, cannot take stay, hmm.....i'll bet u i'll get all the blame after this since I'm the only "senior" staff in that team [yes! even my team leader quit because she couldnt take it anymore!and she's already 40!]...they will assume i have know everything which is impossible! sume org buat keje lain2 kot!!

and finally.....the one thing i'm most excited to show...this video was taken yesterday at my BIL's..thats his wife holding aqil... I just cant help smiling everytime I watch this vid..enjoy.. ;)

sorry for the rambling..hmm..


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