Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekends,drama and vlogs

i woke up this morning...sitting on the bed..staring at my lil Aqil sleeping..I felt like quitting my job and be a SAHM or better a WAHM, since I'm so used to have my own income..but is life... I wish I was more a risk taker, but I'm not..well..not yet...maybe in the future..who knows kan? insyaAllah..

my cousin is opening a franchise in Mont Kiara pretty soon..I am sooo happy for her..she was kind of worried with her decisions, but I told her if that she is passionate about..then go ahead...I wish you good luck cousin! nanti bleh dtg makan free tak? haha...i kid i kid..just 90% discount pun ok... ;p

last weekend was pretty awesome..spent the whole saturday on a date with hubs...RedBox was a must! it has been 6 month since my last sing-my-heart-out session and it was much more special last this time since we went there just the 2 of us.. ;)

had a chance to shop a myself 3 tops, one from Zara, one from MNG and one from Curve's street market, I end up liking the last one better..the cheapest of the lot..huhu..I guess I'm just not that expensive tops kind of gurl... [?]

went to Ikea on Sunday, this time with Lil was the last day of sales, boy, the place was crowded like tuna fish in a can [?] - or is it Sardines in a can? whatever.. We arrived as early as 9.50 am and the 1st carpark basement was almost full! crazy kan.. anyways... hubs finally bought that TV cabinet that he's been eyeing for almost a year now...he has all the patience in the world i tell you..and very practical too..if it was me, I'd already bought the cabinet ages ago..but not him, always prioritize..I guess thats why he's the perfect guy for me.. ;)

I of course bought some more fabrics! I just cannot go to Ikea and not buy fabrics! duh! but also got myself, or hubs bought me a storage box with wheels for me to stash all my fabrics and sewing tools...I love you hubs! thanksss!! ;)

the drama of the day was when Aqil start cyring and screaming on top of his lungs because he was so hungry..the mama was so busy looking at things that she forgot to feed her poor baby! his last feed was at 7am, and its was almost 2pm when he started crying...Poor guy! We were separated from hubs when Aqil started crying, I wanted to go to the baby room but I had the stroller with me, so I needed to pass the stroller to hubs first..but by the time I found hubs, Aqil was crying and screaming so loud that everyone was looking at me like I was kidnapping Aqil or something...I was hugging Aqil and trying to calm him but he did not stop, not even for a second!and Ikea is not a small place..everyone was turning when they heard Aqil..and I could feel my ears my mind I was trying to think of some evidence that Aqil is my son, just in case the security tahan me or something - haha - I know - crazy much! but seriously, I was so scared people would think I was kidnapping a baby! hehe.. I literally ran to the baby room after passing the stroller to to those yg nampak or heard a woman running in Ikea with a crying baby yesterday..that would be me.. ;) - drama!

sent hubs to his colleagues place that evening since he had one more week in Johor for work..had a really hard time sending hubby off this time..I dunno why.. almost in tears... padahal dekat jer Johor tu..hmmm..thinking of going to Johor next weekend...tgklah..

and owh - i just discovered the existence of Vlogs!!! duh...I know.. I've been living under a rock for the past few decades!! giler laa..people really do take daily videos and upload it on the internet..I nak tulis tiap2 hari pun susah...huhuhu...

well i guess thats about more thing.... we finally have streamyx!!!!! yess!!!! suka suka suka!! [over gitu!]


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