Friday, August 28, 2009

the B epi

had a B episode this morning during work

naturally, being in that kind of situation for the first time

plus hearing all the stories before

I panicked.

and cried a little..[oh-so-drama!]

a pregnant colleague of mine calmed me down, asked me to drink plenty of water and go see a doctor..

called hubs, asked him to come and went to the nearest clinic..[i was crying so he was like.."kenapa?jatuh ke?" i that clumsy??]

doctor said, since it was only a bit, so not to worry...

she said the most important thing is to think wont help if I worry all the time and get my body tense and all stressed baby knows what I'm feeling and thinking..hmm..

and to have a lot of rest...

the problem is now, I have a really bad headache..and sleepy..

but i cant seem to sleep..

I am trying really hard to stay positive..but it still hurts now and then..and that really doesnt help my positive thinking effort..

asked her what if it happens again? she said..dont even think that..think about other things..Happy thoughts!! ok D..happy happy happy..positive!! yeay!!

the D also said, no I'm cancelling my trip back to Johor..poors hubs has to go back without me, but at least my BIL is going to travel back with he wont be alone...

D added, no climbing at the top floor of a 5 story flat doesnt help the no climbing part, so i guess, we'll be staying at my parents for a while..

then mom said, jalan pelan2, nak g toilet pun slow2, jgn dok buat cam Rambo..huhu..she knows her daughter well to learn how to walk slowly after jumping out of bed and running to the toilet, coz I so like to hold until the last minute habit got to stop...

Atok said, recite the Quran surah Mariam, jadikan amalan....insyaAllah..will try to do that every night...

for now, i am trying to find my happy lets see...where are those Judith McNaught books...I believe I saw some lying around... ;)

please pray that everything will be ok.. insyaAllah ;)


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

semangatnya ada, tapi apakan daya..

last time puasa penuh..rasenyer 1995 kot, masa darjah 5..

this time around, memandangkan diri ini berbadan dua, ingatkan boleh laa nak puasa penuh.. bila org tanya.. "puasa ke nanti?" mesti dengan kadar konfiden tahap melampaunya jawab...

maka, datanglaaa ramadhan yg mulia ini...

1st day... nak menari jer dapat tahan sampai berbuka... :)

2nd day...puasa..walaupun 3/4 hari dok tido jer sbb badan letih yg yeay!!! puasa 2 hari sudah...

hari ketiga.. puasa....muntah....feverr.... MC....berbuka... huh...takpelaa..sehari jerr kan... esok puasa...

hari keempat.. suami tersayang masuk sahur!!! uisshhh...semangatnya I nak puasa!!! bangun balik subuh....MUNTAH....!! sampai lembik2 ni...gagah jugak g keje sbb MC dah tinggal sikit..kat ofis walaupun tak pose..takkan nak melantak makan plak kan..curi2 minum air...sampai umah..sakitnya masyaAllah....nak naik tangga pun sampai terduduk2 sbb perut pedih bagai 1000 jarum dalam perut..huh! kol 8 dah out..

harini... bangun ok sket badan sbb dah melantak tido tak ingat punya kan...bangun subuh...hmm..ok..bagus..tak muntah...sampai jer ofis...bukak PC...migrain datang...masuk toilet trussss muntah...kepala pening, perut pedih...mmg tak puasa jugak laa aku harini...

suami ckp... "sayang puasa weekend jer laaa..."


jgn gitu dowh...kira2 weekend ade 7 hari jerr [klu raya hari ahad]....takkkkaannnnn nak puasa 7 hari jerrr..????

giler hape nak ganti sampai 22 hari...???!?!?!?!?!?!?
[nak ganti yg 7 hari tu pun tercungap2..huh!]

*Ya Allah...berilah kekuatan pada hambamu ini untuk berpuasa dibulan yg mulia ini....aminnn*


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ramadhan menjelma..

Kepada ibu ayah, adik abang, makcik pakcik, kazen kazen dan sahabat handai,

Sempena tibanya Bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini, inginlah saya memohon maaf diatas segala salah kata saya, salah laku saya, samada secara sengaja atau tidak, dan jika andaikata saya ada terbuat perkara2 yg melukakan hati dan menyinggung perasaan....

Saya minta maaf dengan hati yang tulus ikhlas..

Semoga kita semua dapat menjalankan ibadat puasa dengan hati yang tenang dan kesihatan yang baik.. dan diberkati oleh Allah SWT [insyaAllah..]

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al Mubarak dari saya dan suami.. ;)


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a cube with six colours

I am currently addicted to..........

my best timing so far = 4 minutes ;)

not bad for a beginner huh?


^_* aisyah's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy *_^

tagged by miSsy piNky p!nk eRin ;)

1. chocolate!! lots of chocolates!!!

2. sleeping with my mom on her bed when dad's not around ;)

3. dressing up like britney [?] then singing n dancing infront of a huge mirror!! ;p

4. waking up every morning beside him ;)

5. makan-makan with the Wan's !!!

6. watching my baby move ~~~ ^_^

7. hangin' with my crazy but oh-so-sweet aunties!

8. holidays!!! and family trips!! ;)

9. 1000 kisses everyday! ;p

10. FAMILY ;)

they are just simply the best! ;)

i find writing this list very2 therapeutic.. ;) thanks erin!! now i'm smiling ;) it'll be wonderful to spread the love.. dear mom, cu, cippa, teh, kak syu, aye, atie, lil sis and yes you! mr Gorie.. please share your list of happiness.. ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

super stressed!

work is really stressing me out right now
8 tasks in a day???? 3 days in a row???
crazy stupid and super selfish these people!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Lil sister had the measles.

Lil brother came back from the north with a 40 deg fever!

Dear aunt had to go for surgery in Kuantan.

I self quarantined myself in mom's room the whole Saturday..sleeping and watching TV series online the whole day! [had to keep myself away from all the virus]

Mom was feeling low, her kids were sick, her sister was in the hospital. [initially she planned to go to Kuantan, but then Lil sis and Lil bro was sick.had to cancel - she was in tears when Wa sent a video n picture of Tam]

I was in tears looking at my mom, my sis n my bro. I felt so useless :(


Hubby is BACK!!

Went to do my 2nd ultrasound.

Surprised to see my baby already has hands and legs. [didnt expect that yet actually]

Doc said, my baby very active, constantly moving during the scan.

I was in tears, happy tears. ;)

I can now smile. ;)

today i'm feeling a bit feverishh..hmm..


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

did i read the numbers right?

the numbers of people dying because of H1N1 has already reached 42..???

Oh my..oh my....

now i'm really scared..

precautions people! wear a mask!!!!!!!



at the office

- no phone coverage
- can online but of course, office is where work is done. meeting, discussions. so no chatting.

at the resthouse

- used to have internet connection, but now, nope, nada!
- very2 hard to get phone coverage, and now with the raining season there. no coverage at all!!!
- meaning no YM, no Skype, no sms, no nothing!!!

urrgggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! i feel like screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no sayang, i'm definitely not mad at you...i know its wayyy beyond your control....

i'm just.......sad....... :(

did i mention, I hate Kalimantan..??

owh..I did?

nvm.... i'll say it again... I HATE KALIMANTAN !!!!!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009


One thing I miss the most about school (besides the friends, the dorms, choir, talentnight, library, sportsday, cheerleading, house spirits, batch spirits, school spirits..owh my list can definitely go on.. ;p) is BASKETBALL!!

I miss the daily practises

I miss the "bulatan" we would have after the practise

I miss the weekends and night practise which we would have when PPM season is near.

I miss the 2 hour non-stop practise with the MSSKL players, which then I felt like I would die after the practise. Seriously! Non Stop! sometimes I'd sneek to the toilet to drink some water!

I miss the games!

I miss PPM !!!!

I miss the spirits we had and the bond of my teammates!!

I miss Umi!!

Owhhh...I just miss EVERYTHING about it!!

MSSKL 2000. Gold Medal.
the first time ever a Malay team got the gold medal for MSSKL!

A beach in Kelantan - went there for Farisian Open
(the one running at the right side of the pic - she's going to be a doctor very2 soon, having her induction now, kan captain? hehe~~ )

Farisian Open, which year I cannot remember
First 5, Kemek, Aisyah, Farahnad,Kaem, Farapoo (captain)

What is this called again? high jump? no. urghh..cant remember!

PPM @ Mat Jiwa, very 1st PPM ;) Gold Medal (of course! hehe~~)

Burger King, KLCC, we would go there sometimes after games, just to chill and reward ourselves after a tiring match! hehe~~ (it was hard to get out of school we always use the best of it when we go out for games)

On the journey back from PPM 2000, Mat Jiwa, Kedah.
Happy faces ~~ ;)

Farisian Open.

PPM Dungun 2002. we came to support the team.

Dining Hall, dinner after practise. phiranna sekolah!

Farahnad, after a friendly match at Tmn Connought

Again, at a Beach in Kelantan. Farisian Open.

Faris Petra. Farisian Open.
(I think we were out for breakfast at one of the pasar pagi in Pengkalan Chepa, omg, we ate like crazy, the food was so cheap and yummy!)

SSP's Craziest Ultimate Dunker
Go. Fight.Win!
I'm still searching for my PPM pictures, they're somewhere, just forgot where. :( :( :( :(


ada beza ke?

ini saya dulu...same kan....?? hahahahahahahaahaha~~