Sunday, August 9, 2009


One thing I miss the most about school (besides the friends, the dorms, choir, talentnight, library, sportsday, cheerleading, house spirits, batch spirits, school spirits..owh my list can definitely go on.. ;p) is BASKETBALL!!

I miss the daily practises

I miss the "bulatan" we would have after the practise

I miss the weekends and night practise which we would have when PPM season is near.

I miss the 2 hour non-stop practise with the MSSKL players, which then I felt like I would die after the practise. Seriously! Non Stop! sometimes I'd sneek to the toilet to drink some water!

I miss the games!

I miss PPM !!!!

I miss the spirits we had and the bond of my teammates!!

I miss Umi!!

Owhhh...I just miss EVERYTHING about it!!

MSSKL 2000. Gold Medal.
the first time ever a Malay team got the gold medal for MSSKL!

A beach in Kelantan - went there for Farisian Open
(the one running at the right side of the pic - she's going to be a doctor very2 soon, having her induction now, kan captain? hehe~~ )

Farisian Open, which year I cannot remember
First 5, Kemek, Aisyah, Farahnad,Kaem, Farapoo (captain)

What is this called again? high jump? no. urghh..cant remember!

PPM @ Mat Jiwa, very 1st PPM ;) Gold Medal (of course! hehe~~)

Burger King, KLCC, we would go there sometimes after games, just to chill and reward ourselves after a tiring match! hehe~~ (it was hard to get out of school we always use the best of it when we go out for games)

On the journey back from PPM 2000, Mat Jiwa, Kedah.
Happy faces ~~ ;)

Farisian Open.

PPM Dungun 2002. we came to support the team.

Dining Hall, dinner after practise. phiranna sekolah!

Farahnad, after a friendly match at Tmn Connought

Again, at a Beach in Kelantan. Farisian Open.

Faris Petra. Farisian Open.
(I think we were out for breakfast at one of the pasar pagi in Pengkalan Chepa, omg, we ate like crazy, the food was so cheap and yummy!)

SSP's Craziest Ultimate Dunker
Go. Fight.Win!
I'm still searching for my PPM pictures, they're somewhere, just forgot where. :( :( :( :(



Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

i miss school too!! basketball especially.. anyway itu jump ball laaa.. kan? haha! lupa..

Anonymous said...

Omg (again) aisyah!!u posted my pic mase kat tmn connaught tu?haha gmbr ni la aku x caye..aku ke tu!!!lol!!!n yes, I bet ppl cudnt even recognise me in the other pics ie masa kita menang msskl etc etc..mase tu aku perasan k aku la yg paling 'slim' dlm team..haha!!!and yes kita mmg semua piranha!igt lg dlm star otw back to skool, kita slambe mkn burger pastu buat bising,dgn bau harum nye after hbs game ya rabbi...

P/s: u don't miss mr kan ke?hehe...dia kan supplier susu kambing utk knee ligament aku haha!!!

Thx for uploading the pics...lps ni org akan caye la dulu aku mmg tembam bulat berisi giant sume :p nnt ill upload my collections pulak k :)

aiesya said...

kaem: ya betul2! jump ball!!! hahaha..boleh ke lupe...

nadz: heheh..manade tembam sgt..its becoz of the baju kita pki back then..sume pun nak gelebeh2..remember? saiz klu boleh nak xl jerr...hahaha..

*rindu mr kan jerit "bodoh"...kiri n kanan pun tak reti nak beza aku nih! huh!

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

hahahahahah!! lagi satu... aku igt dia slalu jerit 'kejar ayam something2.... '.. ke ape eh? tp mmg ade ayam... hahahah

Nisa @ Mrs. Akmal said...

comot btol! hehe
si farad nadz dlm gamba no. 7 dlm bus tu nampak mcm suffiyah genius tu aa :))
cah...muka awak mmg tak berubah ek dr dulu sampai skang...
mcm same je bentuk...tak nampak ade tembam or ade kurus hehe...

kemeksss said...

missing those moments..btw..jump high tu jump ball......hehehehe....thanks for uploading the pictures