Wednesday, August 19, 2009

^_* aisyah's list of 10 things that make her terribly happy *_^

tagged by miSsy piNky p!nk eRin ;)

1. chocolate!! lots of chocolates!!!

2. sleeping with my mom on her bed when dad's not around ;)

3. dressing up like britney [?] then singing n dancing infront of a huge mirror!! ;p

4. waking up every morning beside him ;)

5. makan-makan with the Wan's !!!

6. watching my baby move ~~~ ^_^

7. hangin' with my crazy but oh-so-sweet aunties!

8. holidays!!! and family trips!! ;)

9. 1000 kisses everyday! ;p

10. FAMILY ;)

they are just simply the best! ;)

i find writing this list very2 therapeutic.. ;) thanks erin!! now i'm smiling ;) it'll be wonderful to spread the love.. dear mom, cu, cippa, teh, kak syu, aye, atie, lil sis and yes you! mr Gorie.. please share your list of happiness.. ;)

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