Friday, August 28, 2009

the B epi

had a B episode this morning during work

naturally, being in that kind of situation for the first time

plus hearing all the stories before

I panicked.

and cried a little..[oh-so-drama!]

a pregnant colleague of mine calmed me down, asked me to drink plenty of water and go see a doctor..

called hubs, asked him to come and went to the nearest clinic..[i was crying so he was like.."kenapa?jatuh ke?" i that clumsy??]

doctor said, since it was only a bit, so not to worry...

she said the most important thing is to think wont help if I worry all the time and get my body tense and all stressed baby knows what I'm feeling and thinking..hmm..

and to have a lot of rest...

the problem is now, I have a really bad headache..and sleepy..

but i cant seem to sleep..

I am trying really hard to stay positive..but it still hurts now and then..and that really doesnt help my positive thinking effort..

asked her what if it happens again? she said..dont even think that..think about other things..Happy thoughts!! ok D..happy happy happy..positive!! yeay!!

the D also said, no I'm cancelling my trip back to Johor..poors hubs has to go back without me, but at least my BIL is going to travel back with he wont be alone...

D added, no climbing at the top floor of a 5 story flat doesnt help the no climbing part, so i guess, we'll be staying at my parents for a while..

then mom said, jalan pelan2, nak g toilet pun slow2, jgn dok buat cam Rambo..huhu..she knows her daughter well to learn how to walk slowly after jumping out of bed and running to the toilet, coz I so like to hold until the last minute habit got to stop...

Atok said, recite the Quran surah Mariam, jadikan amalan....insyaAllah..will try to do that every night...

for now, i am trying to find my happy lets see...where are those Judith McNaught books...I believe I saw some lying around... ;)

please pray that everything will be ok.. insyaAllah ;)



s h e d O t said...
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Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

hahahah! jalan pelan2 jgn jadi rambo part is so funny! but the rest is scary... huuuu.. take care babe! take a lot of happy pills in the form of judith mcnaught! hehe! xx

eija said...

aisyah..take care ok? dgr cite ko ni agak scary jugak. igt pesan mak ko..jalan pelan2 n jgn angkat bende berat2 ok? get a lot of rest. i'm praying for your safety and your baby too. :)

aiesya said...

kaem: hehe..thanks babe..tu laa..just read kingdom of heaven for the 100th time!! bestttnyerrr~~

eija: thanks dear..pas ni have to be more carefull eyh? ;)

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

tu laa... her novels mmg sgt best!! :)