Sunday, August 16, 2009


Lil sister had the measles.

Lil brother came back from the north with a 40 deg fever!

Dear aunt had to go for surgery in Kuantan.

I self quarantined myself in mom's room the whole Saturday..sleeping and watching TV series online the whole day! [had to keep myself away from all the virus]

Mom was feeling low, her kids were sick, her sister was in the hospital. [initially she planned to go to Kuantan, but then Lil sis and Lil bro was sick.had to cancel - she was in tears when Wa sent a video n picture of Tam]

I was in tears looking at my mom, my sis n my bro. I felt so useless :(


Hubby is BACK!!

Went to do my 2nd ultrasound.

Surprised to see my baby already has hands and legs. [didnt expect that yet actually]

Doc said, my baby very active, constantly moving during the scan.

I was in tears, happy tears. ;)

I can now smile. ;)

today i'm feeling a bit feverishh..hmm..



Razali Zain said...

sweet! I mean, abt ur hubby coming back and all, now can spend some time together and sambut ramadhan, IF he's back for long.. wish I hope he will..

Anyways get well soon wishes to the rest of your family!

e i c a h said...

take good care of urself

m@Ri@ said...

seronokkan bila scan n nmpk die gerak2..maria p scan kali ke 2 pun dah nmpk tgn baby..wkt tu..maria sebak sgt..

sarah al -idrus said...

nak demam ke. get well soon!!

Nurul Kaem Ahmad said...

babe, take a gooooooooddd care of yourself ok! and hoping your family will be better.. xx

aiesya said...

thanks all...