Sunday, March 8, 2009

dear cippa

Dear cippa,

I just read your post and wanted to comment on it, but it seems like you've locked your comments..

anyways..thanks for the great advice! and ali..we take turn to cook..sampai one time tu bergaduh nak masak.. ;) hehehe..ali can cook simple2 things, usually when he cook it will be like sambal sardin ke, ikan bilis goreng ngan bawang n cili padi ke. nothing gravy for sure (but one thing..he HATES cooking rice..mesti I yang tanak nasi..hehehe..) he's still in learning process..when i cook normally he will ask the ingredients and how to cook... ok laa..but still a long way to go to reach Uncle eh? Pakcik Zubir punya level.. ;)

i just hopes our "take turn cooking' will last long... hehehe!!

thanks again cippa!



Eqin said...

Ahah . Nanti one day masak macam ayah . Sume ingredient campak dalam kuali (x

Anonymous said...

aisyah, the omarian's actually take advantage of their husbands, not only pak cik zubir, pak teh, pak cik sanusi semua dah kena training, so they are well taught by us, you are the first for the next generation, keep it going.Love teh

cippa said...


Glad to know you both enjoy cooking, there are other things you can enjoy while cooking....but it can get a bit messy...thats for both of you to find out...heheheh.

aiesya said...

Eqin: hehehe..tu laa psal..campak2 sedap jugak kan.. ;p

Teh: hehe..I guess you're right!doing my best to train..;) Hope he will get as good as all my uncles! ;)

Cippa: huuaa..??? what? what? hehehe...let me know..please..??pretty please with sugar on top, with chocolate and ice cream too... ;p