Wednesday, March 4, 2009

congrats to me and Roy !!

I made these for dinner..

sawi goreng....err...cincai... ;p
gulai ayam siam
or ayam gulai siam? eh? whatever..what matters is, it was my first attemp and hubs said..
"sedap gilerrr (tapi kurang garam)... kenapa masak susah2 ni? patutnya lauk weekend nih..."
*clap* *clap* ..hehehe..happy sgt2 jadi walaupun kurang garam..actually, for me dah masin dah..but maybe because I am so used to masakan kurang masin makes it masin for me but not for hubs..
but the "patutnya lauk weekend" part..i was..erk? why eh? got eh lauk weekeand, lauk malam keje ke?tak penah tau punn?? hehehe..he said because nampak susah nak masak..hehe..little that he know lauk ni laa senang...potong potong, blend, campak dalam periuk.. ;)
i am starting to really2 love cooking..i loved cooking before but i guess now taht I am cooking for the love of my life..jadi lagi best nak masak.. ;)
roll in the next recipe please......
on a diff note, an office mate of mine got hitched last Saturday.. went to her wedding in stuck in the traffic for 2 hours before reaching her house! tambah boleh sesat pulak! hehe..anyways..congrats Roy! you look damn gorgeous in my fav colour (haha!) love ur dress btw.. Semoga perkahwinan Roy + Hatta sentiasa diberkati oleh Allah SWT..insyaAllah... ;)

me with the lovely bride.. ;)


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