Tuesday, March 17, 2009

back to reality..

wow! finally..I've finished reading all 4 books from the Twilight Saga...hehehe..I can now..finally..get back to my life...hehe..I get really absorbed into the story when I read..and I completely ignore everthing else that surrounds me at that moment..kecian kat hubs..he watched the TV alone..had to sleep with the lights on (because I was reading until 3 am..its really2 hard to put down the book once I started reading it) and even had to cook dinner for himself...and I was on the bed all along...reading...huhu...(thats why I was quite relunctant to start reading the books..i knew I would be like that..but once I watched the movie..and started to read the first book..out of curiosity..trus lekat..cannot stop until I've finished all 4) - I even downloaded the ebook, so that I could continue reading during office hour! giler kan..??

anyways..I'm glad I'm done coz my house is a total mess!! Need to clean up before I go for my shopping trip..I wont want to come back to a messy house after my 4 day trip! (hubs will go hang out at his 'bujang' house while I'm gone, so not counting on him to tidy up..heheh)

to abang, sorry yee...and thank you for understanding...hehehehehhe... ;)

ps: The Twilight Saga..... scrumptious!!! cant wait for another year to reread it...i think maybe i'll wait 6 month...hehehe...


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