Sunday, September 30, 2012

i have been lazy

it feels like forever since my last "real" post! I swear I really wanted to write, I've got like a million topics in my mind I want to write, but taking care of 2 kids?! not easy man! I dont know how people do has been 2 month now (yesss!! my baby 2 month already!) but I still cant get the hang of it...still adjusting to the 2 kids situation.. mann...  its super tiring but in the same time the greatest gift a woman could ever receive..

so how come I'm blogging now? just arrived from kampung ~~ cannot sleep ..ok lying .. i had something to google just now ~ punya laa tak sabar nak tunggu esok pagi .. then lil bro was on skype so here we are..

multitasking peeppss :)

and see who just joined the group..

mommy dearest :) but since we dont have the premium skype, maka hanya boleh voice call jer ~ takleh nak video call :(

started blogging at 3.30 ~ now its 4.45 ~ and ini jer baru type ~ caisss ~ excited chatting and planning for our trip ~ lalalala~~

oklaa...sambung google ~ maybe I blog less now not because of the time ~ but because im just lazy to type...


mengantuk dehh...

Aisyah Samsudin

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