Saturday, September 15, 2012

4 things I swear by during my confinement

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this beauty helps you get your shape back in no time! 

2nd week confinement - no more flabby tummy! 

increases breastmilk supply as well :) I can pump up until 12oz per session! :)

tried wearing my jeans on the 26th day of confinement ~ MUAT!!! 


I dont wear my full PB set at night but I wear the Short Bra instead , 

gives excellent support especially during breastfeeding period, normally when we BF, our breast will go up a size, the bigger ur breast, the easier for them to start sagging, so I make sure I wear my short bra when I am not wearing my PB coz saggy breast = NOT SEXY! esp when ur still in you 20s!

I remember masa aqil dulu I had constipation masa pantang, I tried it all, prunes, makan buah, bnyk minum air, sayur, still had problems..sampai makan ubat baru ok but then it effected aqil sampai aqil cirit birit..sian kat die, but this time no more thanks to Lactolite! I dont take it everyday tho, 3-4 hari sekali but surely pergi toilet everyday and flush every excess food out! esp makanan raya yg bnyk minyak n lemak itu :)

and the good thing is ~ does not effect baby alya at all!!


yg ni ala jamu, but more to herbs and akar kayu compared to malay version bnyk rempah ratus like lada hitam n all... suka maharani coz first die tak bagi effect "panas" .. alya takde naik ruam2 panas or anything... and it gives energy...nak jaga 2 org sepanjang hari mmg mencabar, walaupun yg sorang tu tido jer kan siang..hehe...but alhamdulillah...mmg bnyk tenaga amek maharani ni....compared aritu tak amek mmg nampak difference :)

out n about at 20 days of pantang :) masani pki full set pb and yess..itu baby alya saya kendong :)

if anybody interested nak tau more about the products and cara guna, just holla holla k...would be happy to share with you guys for sure :)

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aisyah samsudin

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