Monday, September 3, 2012

confinement version 2

I've been wanting to blog about my confinement for days, but ever since we're back at our own place, Aqil has been conquering the PC so everytime I want to start, aqil comes along and goes.."nak tengok lightning macqueen.." haihhh... . ipad plak tertinggal rumah mak, so malas nak dengar die menjerit, kasik jer laa

so confinement, here's my first version masa bersalinkan aqil .. well, if you think my pantang masa 1st was cincai ~ this time ~ its worst!

1 ~ this time - no kain sarung at all! it was yoga pants from day 1 ~ seriously no kidding! masa kat hospital after mandi tu trus sarung seluar coz I find the sarung is not for me, asek takut tersadung kain jer ~ better be safe kan? ank dukung baby :)

2 ~ like before ~ no jamu! coz i'm breastfeeding ~ but I take Maharani for energy ~its not "panas" like our traditional malay jamu..

3 ~ only started to berurut at day 6 for 3 days :)

4 ~ this time no bengkung lilit2 ~ day 3 trus sarung long girdle PB and short bra PB (couldnt fit my longbra and waist nipper yet this time) , day 6 long bra and long girdle , day 15 ~ whole set Premium Beautiful!! seriusly badan cepat giler kecut pakai PB! :)

5 ~ makan? I eat everything asalkan tak angin or sejuk ~ kueh raya pun bedal semua T__T masa kat rumah mak, mom or sister will cook for me, but now i'm at my own home, semua sendiri laa obviously :)

alya's first outing @ ikano @ 14 days

after shopping baju, p beli groceries jap ~ alya in moby wrap! love!!

6 ~ day 10 - went to stockist , day 14 - went shopping for kids raya clothes , raya - went beraya at subang and cheras

Alya and I totally out 1st day of raya!

7 ~ socks? on and off - cuaca cam nak menanges panasnya ~ if its cold i'll definitely have my socks on!

8 ~ aircond? only at moms coz mom tak tahan panas :) surprisingly, I could even sleep with the fan on 1 jer ~ hubs yg menggelupur kepanasan memalam ~

9 ~ basically on weekdays, I take care of myself and my 2 kids... masa kat rumah mak, i had my sister (who only appears after 1pm) to tengok2kan aqil ~ but other than that, I handle myself..

babywearing my lil Alya using the Pandora Wrap by jumpsac! helped me thru a lot during confinement ni :)

I cant really say that I'm proud of certain things, like going out with the baby at only 10 days, but sometimes there are just some things we cant avoid doing :)

sometimes I cant believe that I have 2 kids! but Alhamdulillah :) the most precious gift ever

honestly, 2nd time confinement, my body is more stronger than I was masa pantang ngan aqil dulu, I feel different, maybe its the mind setting, maybe its because pakai PB give u energy, or maybe coz I eat a lot?!! apepun...alhamdulillah for the strength Allah has given me to take care both of my kids masa pantang ni :) walaupun agak menguji kesabaran :)

Aisyah Samsudin

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altuty said...

Aisyah.. I have to agree pantang no 2, lebih sihat & kuat compared to no 1. I think sbb we know what to eat, what to expect etc.

sama lah kita pi shopping LOL! whatever girdle u wear, just wear it bcos it helpsssss a lot! just dont skip it. Me either tak pakai yg ikat2 tu (mennyusahkan thus skip terus masa no 1).. Beza bila pakai bebetul (yg bukan ikat2) bila no 2. cepat kurus, cepat sihat.

yay to new mommy of 2. :)

actually tgh godeh blog aisyah cari link beli PUL fabric tu. am going to sewwwwwwwwww for no 3. YAY!