Sunday, September 25, 2011

from top to bottom

mommy yang buat.. ;)

my latest addiction!! made another 3 for my baby ;)

aisyah samsudin

basketball time with my girls

farah bbmed me ajak main basketball at Bukit Kiara Club...bawak aqil skali coz his father kerja..on a sunday..yeah...i know..workaholic much,..

arrived at 7.30am, and no one was there yet, so main2 dulu ngan my lil boy kat outdoor court..

nak main basketball but pakai baju bola..ape cer..heee...

where to find basketball jersey for kids eyh?

aqil having a lot of fun kat court

with his car in his hand of course!

vroom vrooom...

like mother like son

then auntie yatt style! :)

played indoor court coz the outdoor court tgh under maintenance..

cuak gak sbb i cant remember the last time i played basketball...3-4 years back i think?

but I rocked!!!! heee...siap shoot 3 points lagi..!!

after playing..

pergi melantak kat Pelita Sri Hartamas...

had 2 tosai and 1 roti canai ---->> melampau tak?

going to make this a routine, basketball every sunday morning from 8-9am at Bukit Kiara Club...ade anyone yg nak join? jomlaa...the more the merrier :)

healthy living people! 

aisyah samsudin

open house raya 2011

actually nak buat this entry last week, coz it was jalan2 beraya last 2 weekends but my card reader rosak, maka tunggu beli card reader baru boleh nak blog...what is blogging without pictures? boringggg.... ;p

anyways, i think this is the first time beraya (masa dah dewasa ni) pergi beraya banyakkkkk rumahh was like back to back...dari pagi sampai malam..huhu...mmg perut full, badan penat but hati happy...nice to catch up with my friends...

anyways, first stop, nursery Aqil, yups...owner nursery aqil buat makan2 for raya at the nursery, Aqil was more excited playing at the playground, mama die plak sebok makan... 

with the other moms and the nursery owner :)

then pergi rumah my SSP friend, Ieja, her house is superrrr gorgeous!!!mmg jatuh cinta pantang pertama...even mr hubs pun suka giler rumah ieja..hee...met my other SSP friends there... :) suka.. ;)

ieja, lela, shila, erin n azz :)

aqil penat giler...

then pergi rumah baru elyn kat sungai buloh....her house pun cantik...besar giler.. :) masa ni perut dah penuh giler smpai takleh nak makan dah T__T

iman n elyn :)

aqil jumpa kerusi yg die suka amat.. :)

the next day, pergi rumah my cousin kat Putrajaya but terlupa nak amek gambar T__T

then pergi rumah Shidi kat Bukit Raja...Uyun made the best kuey teaw sup ever!! sedap giler..then ade red velvet kek..mmg layan laa kan..

lastly pergi rumah lela kat nilai...met shila, fiza m, fatty, hikma, ija, erin, azz, madine there....terkilan sbb tak sempat jumpa dennis...still tak pernah her lil girl..T_T...but we had a usual...

kami yang seronok.. :)

i ate a lot...and now i'm on lactolite...everyday....  ;)

aisyah samsudin

Monday, September 19, 2011

ideas ideas please come to me...

looking for ideas for my brothers wedding,

image : etsy

aisyah samsudin

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


kita kan, nak buat ape pun dalam hidup kita perlu ade ilmu, 

if nak masak pun kene ade ilmu, apetahhh lagi bila buat bisnes, the beauty of this business is that, kelas ade disediakan untuk menuntut ilmu on how to kembangkan ur business and all...and you need not pay one cent pun!!! best kan....pergi jer...and you get soooooo many tips and ways to do your business, but of course, you have to join our team to actually join the class...but takpe..senang jer...its as low as rm50 jer...nak tau ask me ok!!! 0192710102----- as long as you want to have a change in your life, you are welcomed :)

anyways, sneak peak dari kelas malam tadi - i stayed until 2 am sbb best sangat berada dengan mereka2 ini :)

CDM kamikaze kasi info and semangat..

bangga ngan business partner ku yang bersungguh2 nak majukan business :)

Engineer Petronas - income dah besar pun still buat business :)

siapa kata laki takleh buat business ni??? dah jadi CDM dah ni...dah melancong 5 ke 6 times ngan company.....bukan jual bende lain...jual Premium Beautiful jugak! :) earning rmXX,XXX every month, used to  be a manager kat company MNC, but still nampak business is as peluang untuk majukan diri and support family :)

this is my Idol - I will make a post about her very2 sooonn... you will be surprised!

and of course with the lovely Hanis (notice her red Chanel- to die for!) .. inspired by her success...earning rmXXX,XXX per month! 3 years jer buat business! :)

if nak berjaya kene ade ilmu, nak ade ilmu, kene pergi kelas, nak g kelas kene sacrifice masa sket...but its all worth it...sebab..kita spend more time on business, kita yg dapat hasilnya...berbanding ngan kita spend more time on work, gaji still the same..yes?

aisyah samsudin

Raya 2011

lambat giler ok entry raya, heee... Aqil broke my card reader, so tak best laa kan entry without pictures kan...:)

so anyways, for those who checks their phone and FBs on raya, they would know that my lil Aqil went to the Prince Court ER on first day raya T__T .. I know, very the sad kan? hehehe...anyways, he was having fever like every week, but normally lasted 1 1/2 days only, then on the last day of ramadhan, he had another round of fever, but this time, his temp tinggi semacm jer...just bagi panadol cm biasa and monitored his temp, sampai first day raya, kat umah the great-granma, his temp naik sampai 39.3 , trus decide pergi hospital, since it was his 2nd day demam, so they didnt take any blood test, just mandi, masukkan ubat, amek ubat then balik..tapi sempat laa pakai baju hospital kan.. :)

but before all the drama, sempat jugaklaaa pakai baju raya, salam raya, kutip duit raya and amek gambar raya ..heee...but not with the mom T__T

yes - I made both baju melayu for Aqil n hubs :) love the color!!!

anyways, plan nak balik johor on 2nd day raya, but Aqil demam still on off, we decided to wait, tgk his keadaan mcm mana....tgk petang tu die dah aktif bagai, ingatkan dah ok....packed our stuff, susun2 dalam kereta, then bertolak around 9pm...sebelum keluar check temp...37 ...normal.... terus gerak, berenti kat 7Eleven nak beli ais sbb bawak balik his ubat n all, tergerak hati nak check, 39.3! in a matter of minutes, trus menghala ke hospital selayang, jumpa doctor, amek darah, everything OK..just normal fever, doctor bagi ubat and antibiotics (sedih giler nak bagi sbb i have avoided giving aqil antibiotics sebelum ni...) but terpaksa kan..sebab demam die dah meleret2... maka...tak balik laa johor malam tu...stayed another night kat KL... 

then the next morning....ANAK MAMA DAH SIHATTT..yippeee!!! and bersama2 family bertolak ke johor - my family balik kg belah ayah plak...

and we had breakfast at MCD!!

then singgah raya kat my aunts house in Melaka :)

after that terus ke kg hubby, 

and I spent 3 days... 

reading Harry Potter!!

outside, at the new taman my BIL made, by himself - giler rajin!! but mmg cantekk

and my son Aqil had tons of fun playing at the field, kejar angsa, main tanah...

he sure had a blast!!

well, thats all for Raya 2011..

I guess its still not too late to wish you guys.,...



we do celebrate raya a month kan?? heeeee

peace ya'll!!

aisyah samsudin