Monday, September 12, 2011

"buat ape yang kita suka or buat ape yang perlu"

the other day, mr hubs stressed with work...asked me,

"buat ape yang kita suka or buat ape yang perlu"

so which one is important?

both are.

i told mr hubs, it all depends on the situation we are in... if you have the financial security, then by all means, do whatever that makes you happy,

but, if you're still on your way to achieve that financial stability, then you do what you must...if that must is going to work on weekends, or getting off from work late - like 12 midnight late, so be it..

like it or not, life is about money.

people say life is short. enjoy life. i say, people who say this are people who already have money. or someone who is diagnose with something very bad that they wont be living that very no need to stress about money..

so tell me, if you dont have the money. how are you suppose to enjoy when you need to think about your house rent, your utilities, food, your kids education, and i tell you... EVERYTHING IS EXPENSIVE!!! nothings cheap nowadays..

for someone like me, I do what I must to do now for my family.

sure, being a housewife is something I wanted. something I love.

but the business side, to be honest, business is not something that comes naturally to me. both my parents are gov servant, and we dont have any business background what so ever... tak pernah berniaga my whole life..

my mom, once upon a time ago. pernah jugak join business ini and itu, but never went anywhere.... that was why my dad was so negative when i wanted to start this business...he said, you and your mom are "buyers'....and could never be "sellers".. klu berniaga mesti lingkup..." hehehe..he seriously said that... i guess me and my mom mmg suka shopping..

but I was determined. wanted to prove my dad that I could do this. so I did what I must. put my ego aside and LEARN. I attended classes. I was willing to learn from my leaders and listen to their instructions...

why? coz I know, I could earn more doing business, I can save more when I do business, I can go further in this business...I can support my family BETTER when I do this business...biarpun I need to scarifies a little of my time, but its worth it..

and, my dad supports me 100% and I started savings (mase kerja dulu mmg takde extra money nak buat savings) and I have joined my first company's trip to Hong Kong and insyallah next year Holland...:)

business is not that hard. but not as easy as ABC...of course ade ups and downs..but I do what I must to get what I that one day, I can do what I love :)

but thats about me and my journey in business.

for working people, if you were given a choice,

something you like to do, with lower salary. OR. something you dislike, with higher salary.

which one will you chose?

life is all about choices.. its your decision to make. and yours to live with...

* i had a different direction in my mind for this post. but ended in a different one. is it my mind? or my lack of power in writing. ape pun...atleast I got some of the points out right. *

aisyah samsudin

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