Wednesday, September 14, 2011


kita kan, nak buat ape pun dalam hidup kita perlu ade ilmu, 

if nak masak pun kene ade ilmu, apetahhh lagi bila buat bisnes, the beauty of this business is that, kelas ade disediakan untuk menuntut ilmu on how to kembangkan ur business and all...and you need not pay one cent pun!!! best kan....pergi jer...and you get soooooo many tips and ways to do your business, but of course, you have to join our team to actually join the class...but takpe..senang jer...its as low as rm50 jer...nak tau ask me ok!!! 0192710102----- as long as you want to have a change in your life, you are welcomed :)

anyways, sneak peak dari kelas malam tadi - i stayed until 2 am sbb best sangat berada dengan mereka2 ini :)

CDM kamikaze kasi info and semangat..

bangga ngan business partner ku yang bersungguh2 nak majukan business :)

Engineer Petronas - income dah besar pun still buat business :)

siapa kata laki takleh buat business ni??? dah jadi CDM dah ni...dah melancong 5 ke 6 times ngan company.....bukan jual bende lain...jual Premium Beautiful jugak! :) earning rmXX,XXX every month, used to  be a manager kat company MNC, but still nampak business is as peluang untuk majukan diri and support family :)

this is my Idol - I will make a post about her very2 sooonn... you will be surprised!

and of course with the lovely Hanis (notice her red Chanel- to die for!) .. inspired by her success...earning rmXXX,XXX per month! 3 years jer buat business! :)

if nak berjaya kene ade ilmu, nak ade ilmu, kene pergi kelas, nak g kelas kene sacrifice masa sket...but its all worth it...sebab..kita spend more time on business, kita yg dapat hasilnya...berbanding ngan kita spend more time on work, gaji still the same..yes?

aisyah samsudin


F a i z a h ' s said...

Earning RM XXX.XXX per month?? serius??? pergggg!

aiesya said...

tu laa kan...u tak interested ke?