Sunday, September 25, 2011

basketball time with my girls

farah bbmed me ajak main basketball at Bukit Kiara Club...bawak aqil skali coz his father kerja..on a sunday..yeah...i know..workaholic much,..

arrived at 7.30am, and no one was there yet, so main2 dulu ngan my lil boy kat outdoor court..

nak main basketball but pakai baju bola..ape cer..heee...

where to find basketball jersey for kids eyh?

aqil having a lot of fun kat court

with his car in his hand of course!

vroom vrooom...

like mother like son

then auntie yatt style! :)

played indoor court coz the outdoor court tgh under maintenance..

cuak gak sbb i cant remember the last time i played basketball...3-4 years back i think?

but I rocked!!!! heee...siap shoot 3 points lagi..!!

after playing..

pergi melantak kat Pelita Sri Hartamas...

had 2 tosai and 1 roti canai ---->> melampau tak?

going to make this a routine, basketball every sunday morning from 8-9am at Bukit Kiara Club...ade anyone yg nak join? jomlaa...the more the merrier :)

healthy living people! 

aisyah samsudin

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nadz said...

see you this sunday babe!!confirm havoc as apoo and mizah are joining..excited giler!