Wednesday, September 7, 2011

my 4 month project

Aqil is now 18 month - 19 this month.... going to be 2 years old very soon and he's still sleeping with mama n ba....I think its time for him to sleep in his own room... once he stops breastfeeding at 2 yo nnti :)

On that note, I need to start thinking of preparing his room, making it comfy and livable.. hehe...currently his room is full with ..hmm.... crap? no laaaa...unwanted things.... i got another 4-5 month to transform his room.... so now i'm looking for ideas and inspiration, 1st step..The Concept..  initially i wanted something smart n simple and clean..... but then I googleddd...boy how I regret googling coz now i'm torn into 100 different ways ...hmmm...

should I have something with a theme?

basketball theme - I like!

with sky and grass? hmm..

Aqil would LOVE this!! CARS!

batman and superman?

baseball? hmm... tak related

sea/ship theme? smart tapi...

Or should I go with soft colors?

green and white

blue and white

my favorite!! grey + blue

Or something brighter?

love the Orange and Blue combo

Always wanted to have a world map wall

Question : where to find the world map that big?

Or should I stick with my initial plan, crisp and clean?

I just love anything combined with GREY - too dull for a kids room?

decisions. decisions.

tell me what u think?

aisyah samsudin

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