Monday, March 15, 2010

woke up with a smile ;)

woke up this morning with 2 good news

farahnadz, my basketball buddy during high school gave birth to a healthy 3.63kg baby boy at 8pm 15/3 ;) (berat almost the same as aqils! i guess baka basketballers kot??lol!)


uyun, my uni-mate, wife to one of my really2 good friend, also gave birth to a healthy 3.2kg baby boy at 1.05am 16/3 ;)

I am so so so so happy for both of them and sangat2 tak sabar nak habis pantang to go visit them...

congrats you two!!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks hun :) luv u!!! Leaving this comment using my bb, xtau nape xleh nak letak nama :p..see u soon kay! -nadz-