Saturday, March 13, 2010

aqil sidqi

day 1 : he looks exactly like his uncle amir!

day 3 : first day under the photo

day 3 : under the photo treatment

day 4 : in daddy's arm

day 5 : waiting for the blood test

day 5: finally discharged. blood reading 227. first day wearing his own clothes!

day 5 : first night in his own crib

day 5 : "i love my bed mama!"

day 7 : his favorite pose. seriously. he does this every time.

day 7: caught him smiling! he's just so cute!

day 7: like sinchan no?

day 8: smiling in his sleep.mimpi ape laa agaknya..

day 9: daddy was force to wake up and jaga u eyh aqil...huhu

day 10: 2nd time under the photo treatment.

day 11: discharged and happy on mama's bed. ;)

day 12: alhamdulillah...sihat dah anak mama...n happily sleeping in his own crib..



Azwani Shaari said...

congrat aisyah..... btw nak tanya, hosp selayang allowed husband masuk labor room sampai habis deliver semua ek?

aiesya said...

thanks kak wani.. ;) yupz..klu bersalin normal husband boleh masuk..but if ade guna apa2 like me, vacuum..husband kene keluar...

[ Hanie ] said...

soo cuteeee!!

Razali Zain said...

Congratulations! Alhamdulillah, semua selamat, What a cute baby boy...