Tuesday, February 24, 2009

school and exam

me? school? exam? hehe..nope..not me but hubs..hubs had PTD exam at my old school (the great SSP..hehe) last Saturday.. the moment he got the letter where he is going to sit the exam..i was the one jumping up and down.. ;p ..its been so long since ive been there...tak sabar nak tgk n mengenangkan kembali semua memori di ssp...here's are some pictures i took when i was there..

the wonderful view from outside the library..its more grand at night with the lights from the buildings and all...being in the middle of the city can be very calming to.. ;)

the library...ahh...this was my heaven during my last year at school..where I had my icecream cake party..my endless hours of chatting on the net (at that time, only the lib had access to the internet besides the computer room which was open only during school hours..no cc back then..)..my secret place to "bergayut" on the phone.. hp's were still new when i was in school and only several of us were daring enough to bring our cells to school..including me! hehe~

dewan SSP where we had our talent nights, teachers day, weekly assembly..and where I sat for my PMR and SPM exams..and the dataran where will bace doa beramai2 before going in the exam..

my class during form 4Jaya and 5 Jaya..yes..both years in the same class! hehe..

Once our netball field and our cheerleading practise place.. ;)

and lastly the BB Court..this was the best place in school!! it was my sanctuary!! nothing can go wrong on this court..except for coach shouting "bodoh" at me once in a while..hehe...i cannot describe how much i miss this court..all the practising, the games, the post-moterms, the crying, the laughing...just everything..my basketballers were my sisters back then..kami makan,mandi,tido,nangis,gelak,main dan semuanya bersama2..ahhh....

i just wish to be back in school now..not having to worry about life... ;)


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