Thursday, February 12, 2009


my manager was walking behind me, then she said..

"aisyah, you must watch you body shape ehh, you dah gemok!! "


yes, i know, I've gained a LOT of wait (6kgs to be exact) after ONLY 2 month of marriage.mana tak nyer..i cook everynight without fail.and bukan nak puji diri sendiri but i'm good! (hubs makan selalu bersungguh2..tapi taktau laa klu nak amek hati isteri kan..heheh) and i definitely cant be like mom, she can cook for the family and not eat after that! uhh..??nope..not me..tak tahan beb!

plus, everytime we go to Giant, we will spend a LOT on JUNK FOOD, bekalan makanan ringan mmg tak putus ok! I will at least buy 8 cans of Ice Lemon Tea to store, even ade lagi pun i will buy, and everytime tgk movie or watching tv, there will always be a can of Ice Lemon Tea and snacks..hehe..until 12 midnight!

and i'm hungry..ALL THE TIME !!!!

huaaa!!! I need to control myself..nak diet..but everytime the hunger comes..takleh tahan...klu tahan i'll get a very2 bad headache coz angin! camne? i think i need to have a plan..

I'm thinking of Herbalife, but still short on money now, mind you..Herbalife is expensive ok! sgt2! but it seems to work on people, tgk bnyk jer positive feedbacks..will try to locate some money there for next month.InsyaAllah.

what else? jogging? hmm.. will try to do that every weekend with hubs. (hubs pun sebenarnye dah complain die dah berisi..seluar dah ketat! hehehe)

aerobik and kickboxing? i think the dvd is at selayang (note to self: balik selayang cari and bawak balik rumah kota) at least 10 minutes a day pun ok right? better than nothing..

cut back on junk food? will try very2 hard! only plain water after this and ermm...oats during movies/tv shows? can eh..??

so many plans..tapi yang mane akan berjalan..?? lets wait and see... *sigh*

*ingatkan lepas kahwin takyah dah control makan...tak rupe2nyeee... *haihhhh*
nak nangissss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Alymia Nelyza said...

ala kak, akak cantik molek lagi. buat ape nk diet2 ni? haiya~~ kalu alia yg kena diet tu betul la.. not u.. ehe~~

aiesya said...

hehehe...cantik molek tang muke..
badan ni bagai di pam pam sudah..