Thursday, February 5, 2009

i am one happy girl!

i got these today...

rm50 Jusco Gift Vouchers + a birthday card for my Birthday

rm250 Jusco Gift Vouchers for getting married!!
both from my company!! i know both are a little late..but better late than never kan? happy bangat nih!! well, actually i was expecting the card + vouchers for my bday because i got the same thing last year (the same amount rm50 but parkson's voucher) but i did not expect to get another rm250 for my wedding! total up..erm... 250+50= .... rm300!!!! yeayyyy!!!!!!! *mentallyjumpingupanddown!*
i dunno what to get for me yet, but deffinately will get hubs a new pair of working pants! he only has 2 and myself yang penat + buhsan tgk die pki seluar yang same! bestnye..bestnye...
*cant wait to go shopping!*
and team bought a cake for the january birthday girls! so sweet of them.. ;)

me and amie cutting the cake.. (selekeh kan saya pergi keje..;p)

i definitely love suprisess.... ;)


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