Friday, October 10, 2008

happy birthday sis!

hehe..this entry should be posted last month (which i really2 wanted to do..and have been thinking about it..just as usual..malas bangat! hehe) since her bday was last month..anyways..on my sister's bday..the cute n chubby Ckin..;) i treated her a buffet dinner at seoul garden..why there? 1st because my friends who've been there said the foods are superb! and 2nd because my cute lil sis is so obsessed with korean dramas, korean boy bands, korean bla bla it was nice to take her somewhere she is into..aite? I also took my dearest fiance and my darling bestfriend (which also btw is obsessed with anything related to korea!!! eehehe) so nwys, i was so glad that the food wasnt "indah khabar dari rupa"... i looovvveeddddd the place..the food...the service...(i would have loved the price if it was a little bit cheaper..but pay for what u get right? hehehehe) but seriesly...cant wait to go there again! (tapi kene kumpul duit dulu laa..hehe) H

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