Monday, October 20, 2008

risk vs challenge

Risk is a concept that denotes the precise probability of specific eventualities. Technically, the notion of risk is independent from the notion of value and, as such, eventualities may have both beneficial and adverse consequences. However in general usage the convention is to focus only on potential negative impact to some characteristic of value that may arise from a future event.

risk is defined in pseudo-formal forms where the components of the definition are vague and ill-defined, for example, risk is considered as an indicator of threat, or depends on threats, vulnerability, impact and uncertainty.[citation needed]

challenge Definition: a demanding or stimulating situation

recently, a friend of mine asked about stuff related to marriage, and i gave my point of view to him and so did another friend of mine, she mention something like "life after marriage/marriage itself is a risk that we have to take"..then i argued, that "challenge" would be more correct.
and at that time, she didnt say anything, but the other day, she wrote (let me put in BM since if i write in english the effect is not the same) "wlupun kwn aku kata yang kahwin itu bukan risiko tapi aku percaya perkahwinan itu adalah risiko..coz aku percaya high risk..high return..."
as much as i would like to respect her opinion..i couldnt help myself to think "seriesly???" even our friends had the same expression (tho in her case, "risk" might be the perfect word with all the forcing and scamming..but thats a whole diff story la kan..)... and doesnt it sound a bit harsh? "perkahwinan itu adalah risiko"..true..we dont 100% know what it would be like after kahwin kan..but "perkahwinan itu adalah risiko" ?? it just sounds really kasar and tak percaya pada hubungan yang kita ada dengan pasangan kita...hmmm....

but anyway for me (i dunno if im right or wrong but according to the definition above i might be right), "risk" is more like, "i'm not sure if this is the right thing to do, but wut the heck..i'll do it anyway..what happens after this..happens..theres nothing i can do about it"
and challange is more to "ok..i know what im dealing with, things might not be as smooth as i expect it to be but i will try myself to handle the situation in best way that i possibly could"
or "how/what am i suppose to do to avoid this/that?"
but then again..this is only my opinion...

and itu belum masuk lagi bab anak...tanak citer meleret2..just for me, KALAU BOLEH i would like to have stability in my life first before i bring a little one in this world..tapi if Allah nak bagi..its not like im going to get an abortion or anything..terima and bersyukur... Alhamdulillah...
and of course, tak salah dapat anak awal..memang anak tu halal...but if a person couldnt even take care of her/himself..every other week asek admitted to ward because sendiri tak pandai jaga diri...sendiri buat diri sakit(not because of desease or anything k..that cannot be avoided..right?).. then how are you suppose to take care of a little being that needs all the attention in the world? huh?

" Ya Allah, kurniakan lah hamba mu ini kekuatan untuk menempuh segala dugaan dan cabaran dalam hidup ini...aminn..."

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