Wednesday, July 16, 2008

longggggg due..

my engagement pictures
hehe..i know i'm a malas person..but i didnt expect me to be this malas.seriesly...konon2 nak update at least every week..but 1 post in 3 month..??haha..giler ahh..anyways... malas nak tulis panjang2..just nak post the picss yang dah lame berlalu..
ma fiance..
da very2 gedix me..
me with my empty bakul..
my darling sspians..
hehe..da gedix me again.. (but i do kinda look like a model in a bridal mag eh?? hahahaha)

mak sarung cincin kat mza..(ntah adat mane ntah..main boh jerrrkk)
with the parents..

the geng... (pelikkan sume laki..??hehehe..mza dulu pun mmber gakz)
pandangla..lihatla...inilah hantaran saya... ;)
MIL to be sarung cincin....(hehehehehe)

well..i guess dats all..(there's a lot more picys of course but me malas nak kecikkan...)..the photographer who took my picture (cant really remember his name... i think its Zul..) is a friend of my neighbour..ok laa the pictures with the price yang die bagi..the only regret is that i didnt take much picys with my fam..kelam kabut dat cam sedih sket biler tgk balik big bro was like.."mane gambar abang..takdepun.." huh..takpelaa abang yerrr..mase kahwin nanti kite amek gambar bnyk2..hehehehehe....

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