Tuesday, October 14, 2008

raya weekend

I dunno why but this year i find raya very..enjoying..maybe because for the first time we didnt ruch back to KL on 1st day of raya like we used to..or the fact my dearest aunts went on and on about my wedding..(altho at one point i got a bit tired talking about it..haha..but seriesly..it was like..umah tok..wedding aisyah..umah toksu..wedding aisyah..umah tokchik..wedding aisyah..like there was no other topic than my wedding..dont get me wrong..i lovee talking about my wedding..but i guess.. enough already!haha) but for whatever reason..i liked this raya..i enjoyed every moment of it (except the kg's that i've put on since 1st raya..naik 4 kilo beb! haihh) nways, last weekend went to umah tok tam, tok ngah and tok cha'..i ate..and ate..and ate somemore...every house we went the food and the kueh (mind you..my 70 year old tok sedaras still bake their own kueh- very2 aunthentic ones..like "melt in the mouth semprit and makmurs"..heavenly OK..)..and now tak berani nak timbang berat badan..hahahaha...hope sempatlaa kurus balik before my wedding.. (aminnnn...)
sisters ;)
my owh so addorable farhan ("my" ehh..?)
this boy is so damn cute ok..biler jumpe die asek nak kiss jer pipi die...cumill!!!!!!
me trying on my aunts shades..
cute eh my cousins..they can be soo..sweet one minute..and can be such rascals on the other..but i still love them so dearly..who wouldnt..they're damn cute! so anyway..masa during our beraya to umah tok sedara's..these two kids naik kete with their maklang (and me)..Hana (the sister) wanted to go the ladies, when my mom stopped at petronas, i took Hana to the ladies, si Farhan (the baby bro) wanted to follow..i said cannot laa coz nak pergi toilet perempuan..when we came back to the car..this little boy was on the floor..CRYING..lawak sungguh (and again..so cute)..huhuhu...so nak pujuk die..took him to kedai mesra and baught them (and mother,sister,fiance and myself too) ice cream..itupun..mase masuk..i was like.."nak coklat?"."tanak"."nak twisties?"."tanak"."nak mentos?". "tanak".haiihhh..ini budak laa..after severel nak-taknak barulaa.."nak ice cream?".. then he nodded..ayoohh...why laa didnt say earlier...so spent rm20 for 6 ice cream and he went out of the shop smiling and laughing..huhu...kids will always be kids huh? ;)

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